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The Archives

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This page is dedicated to preserving information such as older and current blog post or tech topics that we have discussed or written about.

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Blog / Tech Topics


 Blog Title (click on the title for the link) Date Author
Triumph & BSA Crankshaft Bearing Clearance 12-14-2014 Mikyle
1972 Triumph Tiger (650) Full Engine Rebuild 1-25-2015 Malcolm
Useful Tips: Triumph 650 Pushrod Tubes 1969-70 5-2-2015 Mikyle
How To Navigate The Classic British Spares Website 6-12-2015 Mikyle
Tech: Crimping 1/2" O.D. Fuel Line Ferrules With The New Ferrule Crimping Tool 12-25-2015 Mikyle
Pacto Vintage Motorcycle Racing Helmets 1-26-2016 Mikyle
Classic Triumph & BSA Fork Boots With A 10-Year Warranty (97-3635 & 97-1645) 2-21-2016 Mikyle
Triumph & BSA OIF 250's New Connecting Rod By L.F. Harris (70-9911 / 71-3667) 3-25-2016 Malcolm
Up Close: 1970 Triumph Dual Clear Hooter Windtone Horns 4-17-2016 Mikyle
Inside The Genuine Amal MKI Premier Concentric Carburetor 5-9-2016 Mikyle
Product Review: Triumph 650 Twins Primary Cover 1963-1967 57-1727 5-17-2016 Mikyle
Uncovering An Original 1968 Triumph Tiger TR6R Motorcycle 5-30-2016 Mikyle
Classic New Lucas Motorcycle Parts Back In Production 6-16-2016 Mikyle
New Replacement BSA A50 & BSA A65 Valve Springs 1962-1972 8-13-2016 Mikyle
Triumph & BSA 3-Spring Clutch Thrust Washers 8-17-2016 Mikyle
New Production: 1966-1972 USA Made BSA A65 Crankshaft Thrust Washer 8-17-2016 Mikyle
Product Review: ARP Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge 100-9942 8-24-2016 Mikyle
Tech: Replacing A Triumph 5-Speed High Gear & Roller Bearing 8-31-2016 Mikyle
ARP Rod Bolts For Classic BSA & Vintage Triumph Motorcycles 9-11-2016 Mikyle
New BSA Motorcycle T-Shirt's Officially Licensed & Authentic Apparel 10-6-2016 Mikyle
Explained: 1971-1972 Triumph & BSA Conical Hub Brake Lever Differences 10-11-2016 Mikyle
Review: Triumph 650 Twins Camshaft Bushing Line Reamer Tool Kit 10-17-2016 Mikyle
Thread Pitch Gauge Tool - Why You Need It 10-18-2016 Mikyle
Spotting Fake Vintage Triumph, BSA, & Norton Engine Numbers 10-25-2016 Mikyle
Needle Bearing Oil Holes - Is It Necessary? 10-28-2016 Mikyle
New Copper Head Gaskets - Why You Should Always Anneal Them 11-7-2016 Malcolm
The 37th Annual Hansen Dam Ride 2016 Review 11-7-2016 Malcolm
The BSA A65 Oil Pump Journal 1962-1972 11-11-2016 Malcolm
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2016 11-16-2016 Malcolm
Mason Motors Motorcycle Dealer - Pasadena, California 11-19-2016 Mikyle
Maintaining Your Motorcycle's Drive Chain 12-1-2016 Mikyle
How Classic British Spares Was Founded 12-5-2016 Mikyle
2016 UPS & USPS Holiday Shipping Deadline Schedule 12-7-2016 Mikyle
How To Adjust Valves On A BSA Motorcycle 1-10-2017 Mikyle
Are You Tired Of Paying Too Much? 1-13-2017 Mikyle
What Will Happen To Vintage British Motorcycles? 1-14-2017 Mikyle
Tech: Fixing Overheating Carburetors 1-18-2017 Mikyle
Halcyon Classic Motorcycle Accessories 1-24-2017 Mikyle
What Is Your Favorite Vintage Motorcycle Brand? 1-26-2017 Mikyle
3 Things You Must Need When Owning A Classic British Motorcycle 1-30-2017 Malcolm
How A 1963 BSA Rocket Goldstar Found Me 2-6-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Increase A65 Model Piston Clearances 2-8-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: BSA A65 Front Mudguard Center Stays 2-10-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Flywheel Stop Pin Tool 2-17-2017 Mikyle
Craigslist Find: NOS Lucas 18D2 Distributor 2-23-2017 Mikyle
Review: Triumph 650 Folding Footrest Set 1964-70 2-25-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: New Handlebar Ignition Cut-Out Button 2-28-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Lucas #446 Headlight Bulb Failures 3-4-2017 Mikyle
The Lucas MCH61 Headlight 3-7-2017 Mikyle
Why Triumph & BSA Motorcycle Bearings Are Expensive 3-10-2017 Mikyle
eBay Find: NOS Lucas 1969-70 BSA Complete Headlight 3-14-2017 Mikyle
Now Accepting Amazon Payments 3-17-2017 Mikyle
Coming Soon: Willow Springs Corsa Motoclassica 2017 3-20-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Oil Pressure Relief Valve 3-24-2017 Mikyle
Debate: Black Face Or Grey Face? 3-27-2017 Mikyle
Avoid: Hipster Tax % 3-29-2017 Mikyle
Website Update: Spring 2017 News 4-2-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Triumph 650 Crankshaft Oil Feed Seal 4-4-2017 Mikyle
Product Review: Lucas Type 2MC Capacitor 54170009 4-9-2017 Mikyle
New Page: Markdowns 4-10-2017 Mikyle
Tech: BSA A65 Push Rod Location On Cam Followers 4-11-2017 Mikyle
Official C.B.S. "Wing" Stickers 4-15-2017 Mikyle
Sweet Nostalgia: 1965 Triumph T100SC 4-21-2017 Mikyle
New Product: C.B.S. Rocket T-Shirts 4-24-2017 Mikyle
Finding the Best Parts for Your Vintage Triumph Motorcycle 4-25-2017 Mikyle
Report: Willow Springs Corsa Motoclassica 2017 4-28-2017 Mikyle
The Little BSA That Started It All 5-5-2017 Mikyle
Why The 1970 BSA A65 Is The Best Year 5-12-2017 Mikyle
Vintage Triumph Parts In Southern California 5-16-2017 Mikyle
Where to Find High-Quality Triumph Bobber Parts 5-19-2017 Mikyle
Why We Are Your #1 Shop For BSA A65 Parts 5-24-2017 Mikyle
New Page: Blog Submissions 5-26-2017 Mikyle
Beware: Ethanol Fuel Damaging Carburetors 5-31-2017 Mikyle
Fathers Day Weekend Sale 2017 6-2-2017 Mikyle
BSA Motorcycle Parts In Lancaster California 6-9-2017 Mikyle
We Take Online Security Seriously 6-16-2017 Mikyle
Report: Century Cycles Fathers Day Party 2017 6-21-2017 Mikyle
5 Steps: How To Start A Vintage Triumph Motorcycle 6-22-2017 Mikyle
Top 3 Parts That Always Need To Be Replaced 6-23-2017 Mikyle
Why You Should Upgrade To A Podtronics Regulator / Rectifier 6-25-2017 Mikyle
Lucas Wiring Color Code Key 6-27-2017 Mikyle
That "One Guy" Who Picks Your Bike Apart 6-28-2017 Mikyle
#1 Online Shop For Norton Commando Parts 6-29-2017 Mikyle
Why We Do Not Sell Control Cables 7-2-2017 Mikyle
Buying BSA Motorcycle Parts In England From California 7-7-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Clutch Release Rod 57-1736 7-10-2017 Mikyle
Wassell Evolution Carburetors Now In-Stock 7-11-2017 Mikyle
We Joined The BSAOCSC 7-13-2017 Mikyle
Recognizing Wheel Offset 7-19-2017 Mikyle
Vintage Bike Night At The Rock Inn 7-21-2017 Mikyle
Report: BSAOCSC Rim Of The World Ride 2017 7-28-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Correct Lubrication For BSA Motorcycles 8-1-2017 Mikyle
Why We Decided To Flee eBay 8-5-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Metric Main Bearings 8-12-2017 Mikyle
Labor Day Sale 2017 8-23-2017 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Zener Diode Installation 8-25-2017 Mikyle
Explained: Triumph & BSA Roller Bearing Clearance 8-26-2017 Mikyle
Falsifying Customs Documents 9-1-2017 Mikyle
Gasoline & Coffee 9-1-2017 Mikyle
eBay Alternative For Triumph Parts 9-9-2017 Mikyle
The Truth Behind Indian Made Gas Tanks 9-10-2017 Mikyle
The Anatomy Of The Lucas 6CA Points Assembly 9-16-2017 Mikyle
The Future Of Electronic Ignitions 9-21-2017 Mikyle
Selecting The Correct Hone Grit 10-4-2017 Mikyle
Best All-Around Camshaft Set-Up For Triumph 650's 10-9-2017 Mikyle
Valvoline VR1 - The Oil We Run 10-20-2017 Mikyle
Millennial's & Motorcycles 10-31-2017 Mikyle
BSA Motorcycle Winter Apparel Collection 11-5-5017 Mikyle
Report: 38th Annual Hansen Dam Ride 2017 11-7-2017 Mikyle
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2017 11-20-2017 Mikyle
Wipac Ducon & Tricon Switch Wiring 11-28-2017 Mikyle
Winter Update: Triumph Parts & Website Changes 12-1-2017 Mikyle
Lucas 31563 Handlebar Switch Wiring 12-11-2017 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Shimming Valve Springs 1-12-2018 Mikyle
New Product: Oil Pressure Gauge Kits 1-16-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Triumph Twins Crankshaft Oil Feed Seal (Low Oil Pressure) 1-27-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Testing A Lucas Zener Diode 2-7-2018 Mikyle
The Importance Of Having A Part Number 2-14-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Clutch & Brake Lever Fulcrum Spacing 2-28-2018 Mikyle
The Parts We Sell Are The Parts We Use 3-2-2018 Mikyle
Q & A's With Classic British Spares 3-7-2018 Mikyle
Restoring A Vintage Rimac Valve Spring Tester 3-17-2018 Mikyle
Service Bulletin: Triumph 650 & 750 Sump Filter Plug O-Ring 3-31-2018 Mikyle
Top 5 Must Have Parts For 2018 4-10-2018 Mikyle
How Quality Vintage Triumph Motorcycle Parts Will Make Your Bike Last Longer 4-17-2018 Mikyle
An Act Of Kindness That Carries On Today 4-18-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Split Testing BPF Headlight Bulbs (Halogen vs LED vs Incandescent) 5-1-2018 Mikyle
Report: The Californian Motorcycle Show 2018 5-11-2018 Mikyle
Amal Premier Carbs Back In-Stock (Finally) 5-16-2018 Mikyle
Raber's Parts Mart 6-7-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Indexing The Clutch Operating Rack On BSA / Triumph Unit Singles (Excluding Cub) 6-16-2018 Mikyle
Installing & Removing Lucas Headlight Wire Clips (504665) 7-4-2018 Mikyle
The Amal Premier Alternative (Wassell Evolution) 7-18-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Triumph Crankcase Breather Mod For Racing 8-8-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Sintered vs Bronze Fork Bushings (1964-74) 8-21-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Crankshaft Bushing & Journals 9-5-2018 Mikyle
The Supply Of Vintage Triumph Parts 9-9-2018 Mikyle
Kyle's Top 5 Favorite Tools 10-23-2018 Mikyle
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2018 10-29-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: "Updated" Amal Concentric Carburetor Jetting (4-Stroke) 11-7-2018 Mikyle
Tech Tip: How To Adjust The Float Height On Amal Concentric Carburetors 12-12-2018 Mikyle
Your British Motorcycle Parts Superstore 12-26-2018 Mikyle
2019 Discount Savings Structure 1-20-2019 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Mainshaft High Gear & Countershaft Sprocket Sealing 2-6-2019 Mikyle
Classic Motorcycle Diagrams & Exploded View Posters 2-18-2019 Mikyle
Spring "Kickoff" 1-Day Sale 2019 3-3-2019 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Solid Bronze Bushings vs Steel / Bronze Inserted Bushings 3-27-2019 Mikyle
Tech Tip: How To Make a Custom Fuel Line Assembly 4-6-2019 Mikyle
Triumph "Tri-Cor" 500 Cylinder Head (CD274) 4-9-2019 Mikyle
Triumph Lubrication System Test Set By Dunleer 4-25-2019 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Installing Triumph Petcock Seals 5-3-2019 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Removing & Installing Handlebar P-Clamp Bushings (97-1527) 5-29-2019 Mikyle
Tech Tip: BSA A65 Cranks - Early vs Late 6-5-2019 Marc G (Submission)
Fathers Day T-Shirt Sale 2019 6-12-2019 Mikyle
Triumph Trident & BSA Rocker III Parts 6-19-2019 Mikyle
Electrex World Ignitions 7-3-2019 Mikyle
Tech Tip: Lucas 30608 Ignition Switch - Understanding 3 & 4 Spade Terminals 7-22-2019 Mikyle