What Will Happen To Vintage British Motorcycles?

What Will Happen To Vintage British Motorcycles?

With the first Triumph motorcycle company (Meriden) out of business in 1983, BSA out of business in 1973, and Norton defunct in 1975, what do you think the future will hold for vintage British motorcycles? Will the younger generation (including I) pick-up and carry on the tradition? Will the industry slowly fade away? Or will it prosper over the years? Let us know what think by commenting below!


  • Nicholas Hoag

    I’m sure interest in old British bikes will continue. Lots of people in my generation are into them (I’m 61) and the generation before me and after me have interest. There is a visceral pleasure in a vintage British bike that many will always be attracted to.

  • Steve Pechonis

    just found you and placed my first order . nice to see a young face in the brits …

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