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Upcoming & Exciting News - Triumph / BSA Cam Follower Re-Grinding Service

Not interested in purchasing a new set of cam followers?

Now you can re-use your original cam followers by having CBS re-grind each face

Our tolling jig allows us to grind both Triumph & BSA lifters accurately that have a 5/16" or 3/8" stem

Grinding a 3/4" or 1 1/8" radius is no problem

Starting @$20 each 

Please click here to more details...

Cam Follower Re-grinding Service
1967 BSA A65 - Bike of the Week

Featured Bike of The Week

I have seen a lot of "non stock" colors on British bikes before, but a green BSA A65 is a first

In fact... I like it - looks great with the chrome tank and red tank badge

Very clean bike, thanks for sharing Dan! (NY)

Thanks for sharing!

Want your bike featured on our homepage? - send us photos to

"Deal of The Week" - Triumph Twins Camshaft Bushing Removal Tool Kit - $79.95 (Free USA Lower 48 Shipping)

When it comes down to removing and installing Triumph cam gears there is only 1 tool you should use

This new Triumph cam gear puller tool set comes with everything as shown to allow you to properly remove and install Triumph cam gears.

Tool set is made to "replicate" the original types Triumph use to offer to there dealers back in the day but simpler and better

 Works with Triumph 650 & 750 unit twins from 1963-1982. Triumph 350 & 500 unit twins from 1957-1974. Triumph pre-unit 500 & 650 twins from 1938-1962. Can also be used on both Triumph & BSA triples (A75, T150, etc)

Click here to place your order today..

Triumph Cam Gear Removal Tool - Deal of the week
CBS Oil Rug Mat

"The Shammy For Your Oil Drips"

If you're embarrassed to walk into your garage, parking your bike on the street or at a show only to worry about a puddle of oil on the ground that everyone will talk about then we have an elegant, affordable and practical solution to all your oily problems

Our new quick, clean and convenient oil rug mats are deigned to catch all types of oil that will work its way out of your engine on to the ground 

Using the CBS Oil Rug Mat means you can get rid of all those cheesy ways of catching oil and hassle clean up jobs..

-No more oily and saturated rags to keep 

-No more ugly "pans" or "tubs" to catch oil 

-No more oil stains 

-No more fussy clean-up chores

Purchase "1" Oil Rug Mat & get the other 1/2 off! (any size)

Starting at only $14.95 - free USA shipping

Click here to purchase your Oil Rug Mat today

Finding Parts - Using Our Site

Searching for BSA, Norton and vintage Triumph parts has never been easier until now. Our state of the art website is designed to help you find all the parts you need fast and easy. 

Our site navigates in such a way that having the OEM part number is a plus. You can either search by number and/or you can search by description.

Keep your descriptions short and stay away from long tail words like "1970 Vintage Triumph Parts". Instead choose words like "Triumph bearings" or "BSA crankshaft". In this case, the simpler the better!

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us by calling or emailing us during business hours.

CBS Team

Our Mission

Classic British Spares was founded in Southern California during the early 1990's but we currently reside in Lancaster, CA.

We firmly believe that owning a vintage British motorcycle should be affordable for all walks of life which is exactly why we offer a large range of vintage Triumph parts, BSA and Norton Commando parts all at everyday low prices.

We stand behind our products and parts across our site. Customer service is our #1 priority and getting your order correct and accurate every time.

We hope that you will find our site valuable for all your parts needs and technical information.

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