Classic British Spares has always been known as a "parts supplier", however many folks don't know that we actually do machine work and production work in house for classic British motorcycles 

Now granted our main focus is parts sales, however, we will start offering some small jobs that revolve around common issues that our customers face during a rebuild or restoration  

In this section you will find all of our services that we are currently offering. Please feel free to browse through the info below..


Triumph (Twins) Exhaust Spigot Thread Repair Service

 Triumph Exhaust Spigot Repair


A common problem found on vintage Triumph cylinder heads are stripped or worn exhaust threads 

This problem typically occurs when the exhaust spigot works loose in the head or "dodgy" repairs down the road that make the problem in fact worse 

The services that we are offering today are designed to be a permanent fix and simple solution to prevent your exhaust spigot from backing out or ever working loose 

 The cost is $300 each hole - you will get the following service performed on your cylinder head 
  • Boring of existing exhaust threads 
  • Tapping new over-sized threads 
  • Custom made over-sized exhaust spigots 
  • Exhaust spigot threads sealed and torqued  


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Triumph / BSA (OIF) Twins Swingarm Bushing & Reaming Service - 1971-86

Triumph OIF Swingarm Reaming Service

Replacing your swingarm bushings is a simple task, however, making sure they are sized correctly is challenging 

When you install new swingarm bushings each bushing will need to be lined reamed to ensure that your swing arms pins have the proper working clearance 

Triumph & BSA OIF (Oil In Frame) twins require 4 bushings that come “undersized” for final boring as offered originally by the factory  

Click here to purchase a new of bushings, pins & rubbers

 Luckily to combat this challenging task, we are now offering 3 “in house” services - $150 for the service 

  • Remove all original swing arm bushings 
  • Install new swingarm bushings
  • Line reaming each bushing


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High Gear Bushing Sizing (Honing) 

 High Gear Bushing (Honing) Service

If you have installed a new high gear bushing into your 4th gear and now your gear is tight on your mainshaft (or wont fit), you must have the bushings honed - $20 for the service 

We use a Sunnen MBB-1600 rigid hone for each job to maintain concentricity 

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