Service Bulletins

Triumph / BSA Service Bulletins


Back in the day Triumph and BSA use to issue something called a "service bulletin" to those within there dealer network.

Service bulletins today are hard to find and many where lost, damaged and destroyed.

I personally believe that service bulletins hold many answers to questions asked as well as history of what it was like owning and running a dealership.

Service bulletins where typically composed of the following information:


  • Informed dealers / mechanics of recalls 
  • Updates on parts / tech from the factory
  • Hints, tips or tricks
  • PDF downloadable / saveable files


I will be uploading all my Triumph and BSA service bulletins that I find "relevant" to us enthusiasts. Many service bulletins are very "basic" and hold little to no info for the average enthusiasts.

Click on any of the icons below to select which service bulletin you would like to explore...

I use a system called "OCR" which reads old files and converts them to a readable file. Please note that some BSA and Triumph service bulletins may appear "deformed" or hard to read. We will do our best to make them readable.


Triumph Service Bulletins


Triumph Service Bulletins

 Triumph Service Bulletin (Triples) (7-7-1970) #3-70 - "T150 latest gas tank"

 Triumph Service Bulletin (Twins) (5-8-1970) #3-70 - "Auto Advance"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Twins) (11-2-1970) #12-70 - "Camshafts"

 Triumph Service Bulletin (Twins) (9-2-1970) #10-70 - "Pinion Gear Nut"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Twins) (9-2-1970) #11-70 - "Horn Brackets"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Twins) (9-2-1970) #9-70 - "Rotor / Rotor Nut"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Twins) (9-2-1970) #13-70 - "Con Rod Nuts"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Twins) (6-30-1970) #5-70 - "750cc Twin"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Twins) (5-8-1970) #4-70 - "Clutch Rod"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Singles) (5-8-1970) #1-70 - "Valve Collars"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Singles) (7-2-1970) #2-70 - "Camshaft"

 Triumph Service Bulletin (General) (10-13-1970) #7-70 - "Warranty"

Triumph Service Bulletin (General) (6-23-1970) #2-70 - "Warranty"

Triumph Service Bulletin (General) (7-21-1970) #3-70 - "Loctite Plastic Gasket"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Triple) (12-2-1970) #9-70 - "Clutch Cavity Oil Leaks"

Triumph Service Bulletin (Singles) (6-15-1972) #4-72 - "Advance Unit Corrosion"

Triumph Service Bulletin (General) (7-18-1973) #2-73 - "Adjusting Float"

BSA Service Bulletins

BSA Service Bulletin

#17-71 - A65L / A65FS Overheating Carburetors 

 #6-70 - Modification To Carburetors

#13-67 - B25 / C25 Torque Wrench Settings

#14-67 - A50 / A65 Torque Wrench Settings

#15-67 - B44 Torque Wrench Settings

#11-68 - B25 / C25 Torque Wrench Settings

#12-68 - B44 Torque Wrench Settings

#13-68 - A50 / A65 Torque Wrench Settings

#14-68 - A75 Torque Wrench Settings

 Victor Service Hints (Tappet Orientation) 

Unsatisfactory Clutch Operation