LED Bulbs & Accessories

If you're a little concerned about seeing at night while riding your vintage British motorcycle I would consider that you upgrade you're entire lighting system to LED. LED light bulbs are are the way of the future. When our vintage British motorcycles where made new back in the day LED bulbs did not exist. Now you can bring modern technology to you're old British machine.

What makes LED bulbs superior over conventional bulbs is that LED bulbs last longer, brighter and are cheaper in the long run. I know first hand experience how it feels to ride at night; Classic British Spares is in the center of the High Desert where street lights and traffic do not exist. Riding in the dark using a conventional bulb to light the road is not only sketchy but dangerous!

Take a look at some of our LED bulbs that we have to offer below. What's great about our LED bulbs is that we offer both (-) negative ground and (+) positive ground. You will find LED headlight bulbs, LED taillight bulbs, LED pilot light bulbs and much more.

Why choose LED bulbs?

  • LED bulbs use less power which mean little to no strain or load on you're battery system
  • LED bulbs last us up to 10X longer than conventional bulbs
  • LED bulbs offer a brighter beam as compared to standard bulbs
  • LED bulbs are the future or lighting for both vintage and new modern motorcycles