Hagon Shocks

Hagon Motorcycle Rear Shocks

If you have a stock motorcycle, a race motorcycle, or even a motocross bike having the best suspension set-up is ideal. A lot of folks say its the "rider" not the bike... I tend to agree with that. However, if your suspension is not properly set-up your motorcycle will control you and you will not be able to get the full experience as you would with a quality shock set-up.

Today we would like to introduce to you a brand called "Hagon". Hagon is an English based company that has been specializing in rear shock and suspension components dating back to the 1980's. If you have been around vintage motorcycles for sometime then you should be aware of this brand. When it comes down to replacement rear shocks Hagon is you're #1 choice.

Why choose Hagon shocks?

  • Hagon shocks are direct replacement for most original Girling and EMGO brand shocks
  • The best replacement range of shocks for vintage Triumph, BSA, Norton and Matchless motorcycles from the 1940's through the 1980's
  • All Hagon rear shocks are fully adjustable and come included with a free spanner tool
  • Hagon shocks ship fast and free when shipped to any USA address
  • Hagon shocks are manufactured to meet / exceed OEM specifications