Featured Bike Of The Week

Featured Bike Of The Week


We have gotten many requests since launching our "Featured Bike of The Week" of how one can "save" the photos off the site for viewing..

Lets face it, everyone digs photos, so why not save, print and share photos of the motorcycles you love?

In this section of our Featured Bike Of The Week page you will find all the photos of previous (and current) Bike of The Weeks that have been on the CBS homepage.

In essence, this is an archive page...

All photos shown below all came and where submitted from our wonderful customers!

How To Save A Photo

To save a photo please follow the 5 quick and easy steps below...

Please note that each computer may be slightly different, refer to Google for more info

  1. Hover your mouse over the photo you which to save
  2. Right click on your mouse and a menu will appear
  3. Select "save image as"
  4. Change file name if you wish
  5. Save to the location you desire (desktop)

The Submissions..

 1965 Triumph T120R

kho iuo KFJK
 1965 Triumph T120R - Owner: Stephen (Iowa)


1969 Triumph TR6C
  1969 Triumph TR6C - Owner: Joe (Oregon)
1964 Triumph TR6R
   1964 Triumph TR6R - Owner: Everett (Michigan)
1965 Triumph T120R
  1965 Triumph TR120R - Owner: Dalton (SoCal)


1960 Triumph T120 Bonneville

  1960 Triumph T120 - Owner: Wes Thollander (Cal)
1969 Triumph T100C
   1969 Triumph T100C - Owner: Kevin (MD)

1967 BSA B44 Enduro
    1967 BSA B44 Enduro - Owner: Doug

1967 Triumph T120R

 1967 Triumph T120R - Owner: Wes


1956 BSA C12


1979 Triumph T140E (Euro Edition)

 1979 Triumph T140E (Euro Edition) - Owner: Rod (Arizona)


1952 Matchless G80S

  1952 Matchless G80S - Owner: Rick (California)


1971 Norton Commando Roadster

   1971 Norton Commando Roadster - Owner: Bob (Florida)

 1970 BSA A65 Custom

     1970 Custom BSA A65 - Owner: Rudy (North Carolina)

1968 BSA B40WD

    1968 BSA B40WD - Owner: Mike (Virgin Islands)
1968 BSA A65 - Bike Of The Week
     1968 BSA A65 - Owner: John E (Easton, PA)


1950 Norton ES2

      1950 Norton ES2 - Owner: Richard (New Jersey)
1974 Triumph T150 Trident
 1974 Triumph Trident T150 - Owner: Jim (California)


1968 Triumph T120R

  1968 Triumph T120R - Owner: Tony


1965 Triumph T100

 1965 Triumph T100 (500) - Owner: William (Georgia)


1972 BSA A65

 1972 BSA A65 - Owner: Norman (Indio, CA)
1971 Triumph TR6R
 1971 Triumph TR6R - Owner: Juan C (Monterey, CA)


1967 Triumph T120R

 1967 Triumph T120R - Owner: Howard G (Sydney, AU)


1970 Triumph T120R

  1970 Triumph T120R - Owner: Steve (United Kingdom)


BSA D10 Bantam
 1967 BSA D10 "Bantam" - Owner Kevin (Gettysburg, Pa)


1963 Triumph TR6 Bobber

 1963 Triumph TR6 Bobber - Owner Tim (Nevada)


1968 BSA A65 Lightning

 1968 BSA A65 Lightning 650- Owner Doug (Northern, Arizona)

1967 BSA A65 Spitfire MK2

 1967 BSA A65 Spitfire - Owner Dan G (California)


1968 Triumph TR6R

 1969 Triumph TR6R - Owner Rusty (Bloomington, IN)


1961 BSA Goldstar 500 Racer

 1961 BSA Goldstar - Owner Craig S (Portland, OR)


1966 Royal Enfield Interceptor

 1966 Royal Enfield Interceptor - Owner Jim Shaw (Montclair, CA)


1979 Triumph T140D

 1979 Triumph T140D - Owner Alan M (Canada)

1972 Norton Commando Interstate

 1972 Norton Commando Interstate - Owner Bill W (Pittsburgh, PA)