Amal Carburetors & Parts

Amal Carburetors And Parts


A properly running vintage British motorcycle is obtained by having the perfect amount of fuel delivery from your Amal carburetor transferred to your engine. In this section below throughput the pages you will find everything you need to keep your Amal carburetor running strong and reliable. Choose from a vast range of Amal Premier carburetors, Wassell Evolution carbs, rebuild kits, gasket sets, and more. Most Amal carbs and reproduction parts are kept under the original Amal or motorcycle manufacture part number.


  • Brands from Amal, Wassell, L.F. Harris, Triumph, and more
  • All genuine Amal parts are guaranteed to be made in England - in house
  • Free shipping on all orders placed in the United States
  • Most parts stocked under the original Amal part number.