Wassell Evolution Carburetors

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No one likes to work on a vintage British motorcycle knowing that their carburetor may be the culprit of bad idling, starting and over all performance. Today we have a carb called the "Wassell Evolution" which is designed to fix all your pesky problems.

The Wassell Evolution carb comes with everything you need to make it a "bolt and go" direct replacement. There are no mods or great mechanical skills needed when installing and tuning the Wassell Evolution carbs. The design is based on the late and grate Amal Premier carburetor.


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  • All Wassell Evolution carburetors ship fast and free here in the USA.
  • Wassell Evolution carbs are a direct replacement of the Amal Premier and Amal Concentric carburetors.
  • Each Wassell Evolution is hand picked and imported from England by yours truly...