Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

One challenging thing about riding a vintage British motorcycle is finding a helmet that "matches" the bike? Most helmets on the market today simply don't "go" with a classic Triumph, Norton, BSA or any Brit Bike - too modern, too bulky, too big 

Obviously safety is a #1 priority when looking for a helmet, however, it is possible to have safety and style combined together...

Daytona "Cruiser" 3/4 motorcycle helmets

Daytona Helmets (based out of Daytona, Florida) makes these really cool, retro style 3/4 helmets. They feature great colors, visors but the icing on the cake is that they look like a "1960/70s" helmet that match your vintage British bike - they are D.O.T. approved and they have a "slim line" shell design which makes them comfortable, compact and retro

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  • D.O.T. approved helmets 
  • 1-year manufacture warranty
  • 30 years+ manufacturing helmets
  • Proportionate helmet shell sizing 
  • Domestic & International shipping available