Electrex World


Electrex World Ignitions


Electrex World is a UK based company that manufactures and supplies some pretty awesome and state of the art digital electronic ignitions for our vintage Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles.

I discovered Electrex World when I was building my 1965 BSA B40 Enduro Star and stumbled across there site. I purchased there CDI units and now my B40 is easier to start, runs smoother and more reliable.
Since installation I have been a big advocate for Electrex World and there ignitions, today I am proud to offer them to you!


Why Choose Electrex World?

Although there are many electronic ignitions and  magneto ignitions to choose from on the market today, Electrex World is in a league of there own. They produce everything from CDI ignitions and complete stator kits that are mounted directly off the end of your crank (located in your primary cover).

Most electronic ignitions on the market today are located in the points cavity which can be exposed to heat and also oil if not maintained properly. Electrex World ignitions are modern. accurate and simple - period.


  • All Electrix World ignitions ship fast and free within the USA
  • CDI and stator kits comes with comprehensive instructions for easy set-up
  • Each Electrix World kits comes with fititngs, connectors and all parts necessary for installation