BSA Owner's Club Of Southern California (BSAOCSC)

BSAOCSC Member Meeting- 1978

"Early" meeting of the BSAOCSC - 1978


The BSA Owner's Club of Southern California is more than just a club or group that meets throughout the month. I would personally consider the BSAOCSC as a "family" for those who share the love and passion of vintage British motorcycles.

The BSAOCSC was founded back in 1978, yes.. 1978! And 40 years later the club is still going strong with over 300+ active members here in the Southern California region.

The purpose of this page is to shed light on why CBS recommends why my fellow BSA motorcycle enthusiasts should take part and join this awesome club.


Why you should join the BSAOCSC

The BSA motorcycle company has been long out of business since 1973 and that will never change. However, since BSA motorcycles are no longer in production, that means these old bikes are getting more scarce...

If you have a passion for BSA motorcycles, wouldn't you like to share that passion with those around you that cherish the same thing?

That's why you should join..

When you join the BSA Owner's club of Southern California this is what you are gaining...


  • Monthly motorcycle rides and meet-ups
  • Technical information and support
  • Parts & service advice
  • News & stories
  • Family like group
  • much more


Make the donation - join the BSAOCSC today

When you join the BSA Owner's Club of Southern California, you exposing yourself to great benefits that can help you and other fellow BSA motorcycle enthusiasts.

It's all about preserving and keeping BSA motorcycles on the road for a lifetime.

If you are ready to join the BSAOCSC, you can send over a payment of $26 via PayPal and register on the BSAOCSC website.

Click here to join the BSAOCSC / more information.

Please note that BSAOCSC also accepts members that ride Norton or Triumph motorcycles. This is not a "BSA only" club