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Welcome to our blogs, news and tech area of our site! Please understand that Classic British Spares works diligently and hard to ensure our work is accurate and correct. Although our team has deep roots with vintage British motorcycles that spans over 30+ years, we are in no way shape or form "experts" or an "authority" in our industry (nor do we pretend to be) but instead real life enthusiasts (like you) looking to share our opinions and experience. Happy reading!

Everoak Helmets, Kangol, Pacto Helmets, Rare, Stadium Helmet, Vintage -

Pacto Helmets   Pacto "Carrera Club" helmet model.  100% hand made in Costa Rica.     Have you ever seen this style of helmet before? Do you know where it originates from and would you know what era its from? Chances are that most motorcycle enthusiasts may not be familiar this helmet, but this style of helmet does have a lot of history, especially in England.         Pacto Helmets also produces helmet bags, shirts, and vintage style driving boots.     Here in America when we think of retro motorcycle helmet's we think of Bell Helmets and other...

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1972, 4 Speed, Engine, Engine Rebuild, Fix, Made In England, OIF, Repair, Tiger, TR6, Triumph, Triumph Engine Rebuilding, Triumph Mechanic, Triumph Motorcycles, Vintage -

Here we have a 1972 Triumph TR6R in for a full engine rebuild! Everything will have to be completely dissembled and thoroughly cleaned and checked. The Main Roller bearing is suspect to be the problem. As most engine rebuilds go, you always find (and see) little corners that the previous owner(s) "cut". Initially the bike ran great but started to develop a bottom end rumble. Very unfortunate as it was a very sweet runner. Follow this blog as we will update it weekly!   Cylinder head from 1971-1972 have many differences from the previous and earlier years. Studs with Allen...

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