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Welcome to our blogs, news and tech area of our site! Please understand that Classic British Spares works diligently and hard to ensure our work is accurate and correct. Although our team has deep roots with vintage British motorcycles that spans over 30+ years, we are in no way shape or form "experts" or an "authority" in our industry (nor do we pretend to be) but instead real life enthusiasts (like you) looking to share our opinions and experience. Happy reading!

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Today's post is simply on vintage Triumph 650 twins 1969-1970 push rod tubes and useful upgrades. If your a British motorcycle owner then you know about oil leaks, seeping, or dripping. The key when rebuilding an engine is how can I make this engine as oil tight as possible? With vertical split engine cases and exposed push rod tubes, you can only do some much. If your Triumph isn't leaking oil, typically that means there is no oil in it! Below I will cover and provide some useful tips for late Triumph 650 owners looking to really keep there push...

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