New Product: Lucas 7" (BPF) Headlight Lenses

New Product: Lucas 7" (BPF) Headlight Lenses

If you happen to be a purist and enjoy keeping your classic British motorcycle in an "original" state, keep reading below as Lucas just released a new part that you might be interested in 

Lets dive in...

Lucas 7" Headlight Lenses 

New for 2021 Lucas has now released 2 different types of 7" headlight lenses and we just received shipment of the new Lucas 7" (BPF) headlight glass lenses

We are offering 2 versions 

  • 7" w/ pilot light

  • 7" w/out pilot light (limited production) 

Each lens accepts the stock BPF (British Pre-Focus) headlight bulb - can either be used for a 6v or 12v application 

Lens also features the Lucas "torch" logo and also have the the "700 headlamp" and "England" markings are the front

To place an order and to see our full Lucas 7" headlight range, please see the chart below and click on the "Click Here" text

 Part Type Link
Lucas 7" (BPF) Lens W/ Pilot Click Here
Lucas 7" (BPF) Lens  Click Here

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