Report: BSAOCSC Rim Of The World Ride 2017

Report: BSAOCSC Rim Of The World Ride 2017

Rim Of The World Ride Cover


"The Rim of The World Ride" is one of the most anticipated rides of the year hosted by the BSA Owners Club of Southern California. This ride is technical and beautiful all at the same time.

Today I will share with you my report and photos of the recent ride with the BSA Owners Club. This was my first ride with the club since I have joined in July 2017 - I have to say I was very pleased and I had a wonderful time seeing other club members and also meeting some of my customers that share the same passion.



Ride Map 2017

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Above is the map in which all club members received from Steve Ortiz (secretary) via email and at the ride before we departed. The ride round trip was a little over 100 miles. Big Bear city is close to 8,000 feet elevation. The highway up to big bear was longer than the road going back to Douglas Motorcycles.


The ride 

The ride started at Douglas Motorcycles located in San Bernardino, California. Douglas Motorcycles is home to the largest modern Triumph dealership in that area. All club members departed from Douglas Motorcycles at approximately 10A.M..

After a long, hot, and winding trip up to Big Bear city we made it to a wonderful Mexican restaurant. Everybody made it there with no problems. I believe one person got a flat tire but I am not exactly sure.

After we stuffed our faces and filled our stomachs with Mexican food we all straddle on our bikes and rode down the mountain heading back towards Douglas Motorcycles where the ride began.

Overall I was very please with this motorcycle ride - it was very well organized, the folks were nice, and I met a lot of new people that shared the same interest that I do. I look forward to the next BSA Owners Club of Southern California motorcycle ride.

Again, thank you to everybody that joined the event and thank you to all my readers. If you guys haven't joined a local club I would highly encourage you to find a chapter near you. Not only is it fun, you also get to meet a lot of amazing people that share the same interest that you do. In my opinion that is what makes the ride worth it.



Here are the photos that I took at Douglas Motorcycles and in Big Bear City at the Mexican restaurant. If you where apart of this event and you see your motorcycle featured here please let us know and I would love to give you photo credits of your motorcycle.


1958 BSA Super Rocket


1966 BSA A65 Lightning

 1966 BSA Lightning

1967 BSA Spitfire

 1967 BSA Spitfire

1967 BSA Thunderbolt 650

 1967 BSA Thunderbolt

1969 BSA Firebird Scrambler

 1969 BSA Firebird Scrambler

1969 BSA Lightning

 1969 BSA Lightning - Owner: Classic British Spares

1970 BSA Thunderbolt

1970 BSA Thunderbolt

1972 BSA Lightning

 1971 BSA Lightning - Owner: Art Sorota

1971 BSA Thunderbolt

1971 BSA Thunderbolt - Owner: Athur Jensen


Noton Commando 750

Norton Commando 750

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