New Product: Triumph Twins Camshaft Bushing Reamer Kits

New Product: Triumph Twins Camshaft Bushing Reamer Kits

Replacing camshaft bushings on a vintage Triumph twin is a very simple task to achieve

With some basic tools (MAP gas, drift and mallet) you can successfully remove and install new cam bushings into your vintage Triumph twin  

Sounds simple right? - not quite

When replacing and installing new bushings you must make sure that the opposing bushing is inline and properly sized slightly larger that the camshaft journal of the cam that you will be using 

Cam bushings are usually made undersized and must be sized after installation using a hone or reamer 

Failing to line ream or hone your bushings could cause premature engine wear or worse yet.. engine failure 

How can you prevent engine failure? 

Engine failure can be avoided

Unfortunately, sometime things do happen, however, don't let a missed step be the cause of your engine failing 

We now sell a new camshaft bushing tool kit below which will allow you to ream and properly size your fresh camshaft bushings

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CBS Camshaft Bushing Reamer & Pilot Kits

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Our complete camshaft bushing kits where specifically made and designed for us here at CBS with you, the engine builder in mind

All kits come included with a ground and finished 13/16" reamer, steel pilots made from 4140 steel (+/.0005" I.D.) then sized here at CBS using a Sunnen MBB-1600 hone to fit each reamer and shaft along with a chrome 7/8" ball bearing (for pre-unit & 650 / 750 unit applications)

Our comprehensive kits are more affordable than going to your local machine  shop and paying to have each bushing sized each bushing and also more affordable than paying for an engine overhaul..

Made with pride here in the USA and priced accordingly 


Ready to size your camshaft bushings?

All kits come with the needed tools to make reaming your cam bushings quick and easy

Below is a chart of all the models that our CBS camshaft reamer kits will work with..

To order your own camshaft bushing reamer tool kit click on the text in the chart below that reads "purchase" to be taken directly to the listing..

 Application Parts Included In Kit Kit # To Order Link To Purchase
Triumph 350 / 500 unit twins (1957-1974) 13/16" Reamer & Pilot #1 Purchase
Triumph 650 / 750 unit twins (1963-1983) 13/16" Reamer, Pilot & 7/8" Chrome Bearing #2 Purchase
Triumph 500 Pre-Unit Twins (1950-1956) 13/16" Reamer, Pilot & 7/8" Chrome Bearing #2 Purchase
Triumph 650 Pre-unit Twins (1950-1962) 13/16" Reamer, Pilot & 7/8" Chrome Bearing #2 Purchase


*Please note that our 350 / 500 kit can be used to sized oilite (sintered) and solid bronze camshaft bushings. Our 500 pre-unit, 650 & 750 unit kit must be used to size oilite (sintered) bronze bushings only

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If you have any questions regarding our new tool kits, click here to send us an email 

Ride safe! 


  • Larry Mumford

    Will this reamer work on phosphor bronze bushings? Thanks!

  • donald a molnar

    hi i just ordered your reamer kit and forgot to use bfcmsale 10% off please apply to price. thanks donald molnar, dons racing engs.

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