The Parts We Sell Are The Parts We Use

The Parts We Sell Are The Parts We Use

There are many vendors and suppliers today all catering to classic British motorcycles. Almost everyone in this industry is offering vintage Triumph parts as well as BSA and Norton Commando spares

One could assume that if all the vendors are selling the same parts then they all must be the same?


Not true...

Most parts on the market today are produced and manufactured by many different vendors from across the world in our niche. Quality range from OEM to "so so".


We have seen it all

Working with different vendors and wholesalers we have seen many parts come our way that are acceptable, phenomenal, and poor quality. I mean, some parts in the market place right now are just not acceptable and should not be used in any circumstance.


All my vendors that I deal with Sell very high quality parts, but its weeding through and finding the parts and wholesalers that are dedicated to offering the best vintage Triumph parts along with Norton and BSA spares.


Where we stand

With all the parts being produced today many retailers choose to sell anything and everything they can get there hands on. That means there is no quality control of which parts they offer for sale.

That type of selling in the market place hurts both the parts supplier and customer but ultimately the customer.

Here at Classic British Spares we stand with the customer. Its extremely important to us that we offer parts for sale that we have used, tested, received great feedback or parts that we would use on our own personal motorcycles.

Offering the best quality vintage Triumph parts, BSA parts and Norton Commando parts is our top priority.


The bad parts bin - trash cash

Parts that come our way that are deemed to be below quality go straight into our "bad parts bin" or better known as the trash can - no exceptions.

There has been many times where I have been working on a motorcycle here at the shop and it will need a part to replace the missing / damaged part. If the replacement part that we stock does not work or the quality is poor we stop selling it and discard it.



Very rarely do we ever get complaints about parts. Our quality control is strict which in the long run it will help our customers get there motorcycle back on the road.

If you are not happy with what we sent you, you are more then welcome to send it back for a refund or we will send you out a replacement. No questions asked!



With CBS being your premier vintage Triumph parts, BSA parts and Norton Commando spares specialists we are always looking for ways to simplify ordering and parts access.

Easier parts access starts with CBS. Working with vendors from New Zealand to vendors in the U.K. Our site is destined in such a way to make finding parts quick and easy.



Our listings make it easy to find your vintage Triumph parts, BSA part and Norton Commando spares.

You can purchase at ease knowing that the parts that you are purchasing will fit and be of quality. No bait and switch. Our detailed photos and descriptions also make finding parts that much easier.


Ready to order?

If your ready to place an order for some vintage Triumph parts, BSA parts and Norton parts feel free to browse our site to see our full of stock.

We also recommend downloading a free parts so you can obtain part numbers to make your search quest easier. Click here to download your parts book.


Thanks for reading

Should you have any questions please feel free to call us (661) 951-2120 or shoot us an email.

Ride safe!

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