Triumph Stainless Steel Fenders

Triumph Stainless Steel Fenders

For the past few years we have noticed that finding stainless steel fenders was like trying to find a needle in a haystack

The only alternative that was available was to find a set of original Triumph stainless fenders..

Most original stainless fenders on the market are in pretty sad shape to say the least, not to consider that each fender would need more work than what they're worth..

Today we are very proud (and excited) to announce that we have new Triumph stainless steel fenders here at the shop ready for shipping

Did I mention that our Triumph stainless steel fenders are from the UK?

Made in England  - "True To The Core"

Each stainless steel fender we have is made in England and the quality is OEM

The finish and the craftsman ship is indeed the same as original...

Rolled, cut and formed by hand by a true Englishman in his shop

Triumph would have approved!

The details 

Trying to photograph fenders is a very difficult task to achieve 

With the finish being polished no photo will do it justice 

Below are some shots of the fenders






Remember, each fender is formed and rolled by hand by an old chap in England, just like Triumph did back in the day..

This gives each fender an "authentic" look, style and feel

Great for restorations or preserving your original Triumph motorcycle 



Right now we have both early and later style Triumph stainless steel fenders which include both "lipped" and "non-lipped" fenders (rolled / non-rolled) which are correct up to approx 1970..

Fenders are sold each, so you choose which type of fender that you desire

Fenders do not come drilled - why?



Vintage Triumph motorcycles where hand made in the factory 

That means each frame may have slight variations compared to others

To make sure each fender fits its specific application, we recommend that each must be located on the frame and then drilled accordingly 

This allows each fender to work with all applications and frame variations 

*I recommend using a "stepped drill bit" to perform all hole drilling prior to installing


Limited Supply

Although we have new fenders here, keep in mind that stock will not be permanent

It took us years to obtain these, just imagine how long it will take to get more?


You can order your new Triumph stainless steel fenders and view our current stock on hand by clicking on the below

We will ship all Triumph fenders to your doorstep at no charge (USA, lower 48 only)

Click the link below to place an order:

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Triumph Stainless Steel Fenders Click Here


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Ride safe! - Classic British Spares

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    Regarding wiring diagram for 31563 horn/dip switch. Can you provide a diagram/instructions as to how to do the wiring inside the headlight shell- which wire goes where.

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