New Product: Hepolite Oil Pumps For Triumph Twins

New Product: Hepolite Oil Pumps For Triumph Twins

For the past year Hepolite has been working on a "secret project" for Triumph unit twins

We were disclosed what this "secret project" was but kept it on the "DL" (down low) until now...

All new for 2023 are brand-new Hepolite oil pumps for Triumph unit construction twins

And before you all jump the gun... these pumps are 100% new (not re-branded) 

Lets dive in...

The details

Hepolite Oil Pump Details - Triumph

As most of you already know, there are a few different manufactures currently making reliable oil pumps for unit Triumphs including LF Harris, EMGO and Morgo

Hepolite wanted to take things a step further by producing there very own pump that will set them apart from the competition 

Lets cover all the details of this new oil pump...

  • Fully CNC machined body from solid brass
  • Gasket surfaces, piston bores and ball seats are perfectly aligned 
  • OD ground pistons to offer a precision fit and tight tolerance 
  • Drive block included 



Oil Pump Plungers - Pistons - Hepolite

The new Triumph Hepolite oil pump will fit all the following models of Triumph unit construction twins

 No modifications required! 

Application  Year Range Part Number
Triumph 650 unit twins 1963-1972 70-9421 / E9421
Triumph 750 unit twins  1973-1982 70-9421 / E9421
Triumph 500 unit twins 1959-1974 70-9421 / E9421
Triumph 350 unit twins  1957-1974 70-9421 / E9421


Order yours today 

Now you can equip your vintage Triumph twin with the all new Hepolite oil pump

Click the link below in the chart to place your order today and to also see our full range of Hepolite oil pumps for Triumph twins 

 Part Type Part Number Link
Hepolite oil pump for all Triumph unit twins  70-9421 / E9421 Click Here


Checkout this YouTube Shorts video below of Malcolm showing-off the new Hepolite oil pump for Triumph unit twins


YouTube Hepolite Oil Pumps For Triumph


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