Classic New Lucas Motorcycle Parts Back In Production

Classic New Lucas Motorcycle Parts Back In Production

Lucas Company Motorcycle Logo
The trademarks "Lucas" and the Diagonal Device are owned by Lucas Industries Limited

The original Joseph Lucas electronic company that made parts for most British motorcycles and automobiles during the golden years is long gone. But as of last year (2015), the "new" Lucas brand is back in full swing reproducing quality motorcycle parts. Not to boast, but we happen to be authorized dealers for Lucas products. So is there any benefit of Lucas reproducing classic British motorcycle parts? Short answer in my opinion is... YES. The new Lucas company is bringing parts back into production that have been unavailable for decades. They have an extensive lineup which includes cloth wiring harnesses, switches, horns, tail lights, headlight shells, rectifiers, stators and much more. All parts go through a strict quality control before they are sold. The term "Lucas prince of darkness " is no more. Although Lucas is re-manufacturing parts, there happens to be fake or counterfeit parts still floating around the market. To confront that issue, About 95% of new Lucas products will come with an authentic box and sticker, there are some items that are exempt from that. When you purchase new Lucas parts from Classic British Spares, we guarantee that you will be getting a Genuine Lucas part... always.

Lucas Motorcyle Short Turn Signals 60-4105 56605
New Lucas short motorcycle turn signals suited for Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles from 1971 & on.


Lucas Triumph BSA 88SA Switch With Green Box
88SA rotary lightning switch as used on many Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycles

Although the Lucas company name is based in England, many of there parts are not made in England. We have found that some of there items are made in Taiwan, India and in the UK. Remember, all parts are quality, the name Lucas really does say it all. Above is a great example of a new Lucas part that was long unavailable. The 88SA switch which is now back into production are just many examples of Lucas parts that are now being reproduced. It's quality, affordable, functions and it says Lucas just like the originals. So if your restoring your Triumph, BSA or Norton, insist on using O.E.M. parts by Lucas through Classic British Spares. You can view our complete line of new Lucas motorcycle parts for your British motorcycle. Don't forget that we also have a section for "new old stock" motorcycle products that does include original Lucas items from the 1950's through the 1980's. You can also visit the official Lucas motorcycle parts website to view there complete catalog. See something in there catalog that we do not have in-stock? Feel free to send us an email and we will be glad to order it for you.    


  • Anoop

    Need ignition switch

  • Howard

    They really must produce the standard beehive rear lens with the original Lucas raised lettering. These are completely impossible to obtain now. I would instantly replace my perfectly good non lettered copy for a new “Lucas” one! I know, very sad, but has to be done.

  • Arthur

    Classic MC parts made by Emgo of Taiwan is brilliant news. Anything made in India is to be avoided at all costs.

  • Johnknee

    Anal carbs and Mucas electronics, nothin finer!

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