eBay Find: NOS Lucas 1969-70 BSA Complete Headlight

eBay Find: NOS Lucas 1969-70 BSA Complete Headlight

NOS BSA Lucas Headlight With Harness

NOS complete Lucas headlight for 1969-1970 BSA twins

Hey Classic British Spares readers. Todays post is on another rare parts score that I found on eBay. Most folks that I chat with feel that you cannot find good deals on eBay any more. I love searching on eBay for parts and let me tell you - there ARE still good deals out there on eBay. You just have to be looking in the right place at the right time. Without further adieu, lets check out my latest score.


"The seller didn't really know what he had..."

As I said before,  I love searching on eBay for one off vintage Triumph and BSA parts. My latest score was found by accident just scrolling down the product page. The crazy part is that the seller didn't really know what he had - but I did. The part the owner was selling was a NOS (new old stock) complete Lucas headlight with a main wiring harness. The seller had listed the complete Lucas headlight accurately with a "buy it now" price. The only problem with the listing is that the seller could not figure out exactly what the headlight and harness was correct for. He was assuming it would fit either a BSA or Triumph. Why? Because he had one digit incorrect on the part number.

54955258 Lucas Headlight

Original Lucas identification tag marked 54955258


The listing had a part number of 51955258 and it should have been 54955258. Just one incorrect digit caused other buyers not to purchase the headlight and harness because it was unknown. After looking and researching I quickly came to the conclusion that this part was correct for a 1969-1970 BSA Lightning, Royal Star and Thunderbolt models. What's even more interesting is that the Lucas headlight is the European version which is extremely rare here in the states.

Lucas 2AR Ammeter With Toggle Switch

Lucas 2AR ammeter, toggle switch, indicator lights all NOS

I went ahead and clicked the "buy it now" button and gladly paid the seller his asking price. I was beyond excited to have found this amazing piece of history at a price to hard to pass-up. Lucas 2AR ammeter, complete headlight, harness, etc - its all here brand-new never used or installed. Also included was its original box that is marked Wassell (not the current Wassell) from back in the 1970's.


"I was certain that was one of the reasons why..."

When I received the Lucas headlight in the mail I checked the part number tag on the harness. Upon inspecting I firmly can to the conclusion that the seller for some reason could not figure out he second digit of the part number on the Lucas tag. I was certain that this was one of the reasons why he had a low buying price but I'm not complaining!


"I haven't convinced myself to let this one go..."

Like I said, there are deals out there that still can be made. Sometimes listing errors can play out to be good a thing on the buyers side. In this case it was. Although I'm in the business of buying and selling vintage British motorcycle parts I haven't convinced myself to let this one go. I'm not sure if I ever will. What do you all think?


  • Bill McCracken

    I need one for my 1969 Triumph TR6R restore. Lemme know. I am a disabled vet fighting cancer so time is of the essence if you wanna sell it.

  • Classic British Spares

    @Kevin Gould Thanks for reading! Maybe day, I will let you know :)

  • Kevin Gould

    Please let me know when you’re ready to let it go. Ithe would be great for my ’70 Thunderbolt resto. Thx.

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