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Do you happen to dig motorcycles that bring back memories from your childhood or teenage years? or how about a hot cup of Joe in the morning to give you that 'edge' you need to take on the day?

If you said yes to both of those questions then we have a new special blend brewing just for you in the Antelope Valley.


Allow us to introduce...


Allow us to introduce to you a new coffee shop located in Lancaster, California called "Gasoline & Coffee".

Gasoline & Coffee is dedicated to bringing two worlds; both motorcycle and coffee for caffeine addicts and gearheads under one roof.

Entrepreneur, local business owner, and motorcycle builder Anthony Robinson of Palmdale, California made his dreams a reality by opening up a new trendy coffee shop in the heart of downtown Lancaster, on the blvd.


1961 Triumph T100 Bobber

A vintage Triumph T100 of display - built by Anthony Robinson of Gasoline & Coffee

G&C is not only a coffee shop but a mere art gallery which showcases some of Anthony's hand built (and show winning) vintage Triumph motorcycles on display.

A full display of large windows makes Gasoline & Coffee a shop in which you can sit back and relax while enjoying the atmosphere inside and outside while looking out onto the blvd.

G&C might look like an expensive coffee shop you might find in Hollywood - there pricing and service is top notch at a price everyone can afford. 




G&C Location Google Maps
 Google maps image of Gasoline & Coffee location

Gasoline & Coffee is conveniently located on 706 west Lancaster blvd in Lancaster, CA - on the corner of Elm street directly in front of BEX bowling and restaurant and only 10 minutes east of the 14 freeway.




Custom hand drawn menu designed by Anthony's son - real talent!


The menu above is just a small selection of what G&C really has to offer. If it has to do with coffee they can make it for you - it's in there name.

Not only is there plenty to choose from on there menu but there prices are very easy on the pocketbook.

We all know how coffee can get expensive especially from smaller shops - Anthony keeps his customers in mind and only offers the best prices.


Stop by and have some coffee...


Inside lounge - coffee, comfy chairs, tables, T.V., bikes - life is good

Whether you live in Lancaster, Palmdale, Rosamond or your driving down the 14 freeway, stop by Gasoline & Coffee today and experience art, motorcycles and coffee all in one spot.

Don't forget to follow Gasoline & Coffee on Facebook, checkout there website and also follow them on Instagram @gasolineandcoffee for all there latest news, updates, and motorcycle builds.

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