Mason Motors Motorcycle Dealer - Pasadena, California

Mason Motors Motorcycle Dealer - Pasadena, California

Mason Motors


Mason Motors Motorcycle License Plate Frame

Original Mason Motors motorcycle license plate frame. This frame accepts that larger black license plate as used up to approx 1968.


As time passes by, history and information seems to get swept away. I have always wanted to know more information about the motorcycle dealer called "Mason Motors" that was located in Pasadena, CA. Just recently, I picked up an original Mason Motors motorcycle license plate frame from an online auction in wonderful shape. With my new finding, it has prompted me to do some researching.

Mason Motors Dealer Decal
Mason Motors dealer sticker. For sale at one point on eBay
Mason Motors motorcycle shop address was located at 3360 E Colorado Blvd, in Pasadena, CA. Those who are familiar with the Pasadena area, you might be aware that the west coast Triumph distributor "Johnson Motors" was located actually right down the street from Mason Motors. So you had 2 Triumph dealers right down the street from one another.

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Mason Motors Magazine Page
Article from 1961 / 1962 showing the inside and outside of Mason Motors. I wonder where those bikes are at now?
I am not sure if Mason Motors sold new motorcycles. From what I have read, they appeared to only sell Triumph and Ariel motorcycles, but I could be wrong. The page above was pulled from a magazine (credits to "showandgo"). The advertisement in the showroom floor reads "1962" so I would assume that this photo was taken in late 1961 or perhaps 1962. You can clearly see the Triumph "Duplex" twins further in the back of the floor. Notice that the Tiger Cub and the twins all have the passenger safety seat strap?  


Mason Motors 2016 Google Maps
Mason Motors building still stands today. Now a liquor store. (courtesy: Google Maps)
Although Mason Motors is long gone, the building still remains and appears to be unchanged. Now a local Liquor store. Boy have times have sure changed.. If anyone has more history, information, or photos about Mason Motors I would be very grateful for you to share and I will update this blog post.


  • Wendy Lilleland

    My Dad was Eric Lilleland who was Dave’s Parts Manager until about 1974. He moved from that Mason Motors to one farther west on Colorado Blvd. I too grew up in that Bike shop. I used to come through the mechanic’s bays to go see my Dad. I remember Tommy was referred to as “Dirty Old Man” by my Dad, so I thought that was his name and how I greeted him on my way through. I also have Tommy’s chili recipe that I still use to this day.

  • Randy Keefer

    My dad was Charlie Keefer who worked for Dave Mason for many years as a mechanic. I grew up working there part time, every Saturday and summer vacation from school. I used to hand wax the showroom floor in your picture. I can still remember the smell of the new bikes in the showroom. Mr Mason was a patient and wonderful man and I still have many memories of being part of that great time in my life.

  • Mike McComsey

    I worked there too. see article for a lot more info. Yes, we sold Yamahas in addition to Triumph.

  • Brian

    I bought a Hodaka Ace 100B from Mason Motors in November 1970, $495.00. Mason Motors was then located in what is now the liquor store in the above photograph. Later they move further west on Colorado Blvd, where I purchased a 1978 Yamaha XS 750E. They also sold boats . . .

  • ED Hogan

    I had a 500 c/c Ariel twin and a rare
    (In the states) 350 c/c Triumph twin.
    In 1968 traded the Triumph for the
    first year Yamaha Dt 250 Enduro!
    Still have it and always puts a smile on!

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