New Production: 1966-1972 USA Made BSA A65 Crankshaft Thrust Washer

New Production: 1966-1972 USA Made BSA A65 Crankshaft Thrust Washer

New BSA A65 Crankshaft Thrust Washer


BSA Crankshaft Thrust Washer Image

 New USA Made BSA crankshaft thrust washer to replace BSA part number 68-0685.


When it comes down to new British motorcycle parts, Triumph parts are usually the first to get reproduced. There has always been (and always will be) an abundance of new parts for vintage Triumph motorcycles. BSA motorcycles on the other hand... sometimes get left out. Of course there are some parts being reproduced for the BSA models. Some are of quality, and others lack in the quality department. It basically comes down to this, "supply and demand". With I, being a BSA A50 and BSA A65 collector, or perhaps a fanatic, I have found that the BSA A65 crankshaft thrust washers where somewhat hard to locate. Every now and then I will see some NOS thrust washers come up. Looking through my suppliers list I noticed that he stocks "new" BSA A65 crankshaft thrust washers. I was surprised, I didn't think someone would invest the time and money to have them reproduced. As soon as they arrived here at Classic British Spares, I wasn't as surprised as when I found them in the catalog. The quality was below poor, in fact, the material was made out of copper and you could bend it with your hand! No way in h#ll would I use this, supply this, or even recommend this part. It went straight in the trash where it belonged. This was a so called "UK made" part, you might be able to find them for sale on the internet, some suppliers still sell that part unfortunately.

 BSA 68-0685 Thrust Washer

Thrust washers are made exclusively for Classic British Spares using the finest certified material.


Now that you now my bad experience I had with the "UK made" BSA crankshaft thrust washer, I would like to introduce to you a new production BSA A65 crankshaft thrust washer that I had made here in the USA. This crankshaft washer is precision machined utilizing the original design but using better quality materials to give you a long lasting thrust washer. Thrust washer is made from Bronze using certified materials made here in America. Weather your building a BSA A50 or a vintage BSA A65, we always recommend that you install the best quality parts in your engine. Unfortunately, there are many parts on the market that do not meet that standard, but we can assure you that this BSA crankshaft thrust washer that we had produced will be the best quality thrust washer you can buy and install in your vintage BSA twin. Purchase your BSA 68-0685 crankshaft thrust washer here today.



The BSA A50 and BSA A65 crankshaft thrust washer where fitted to all models from 1966-1972. This crankshaft thrust washer will not work with BSA A50 and BSA A65 models from 1962-1965 due to the timing side bushing design. 1966-1972 models where fitted with a drive side roller bearing and the timing side bushing was changed in design. Below are the specifications on this BSA crankshaft thrust washer. It is crucial that you check the end float on your BSA twin.


 O.E.M. BSA Part Number #       O.D. (appox)    I.D. (approx)   Thickness (approx)

1966-1972 thrust washer 68-0685       2.119"              1.692"             1/16" or .062"

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