Restoration Decals & Transfers

Restoration Decals & Transfers

There are many key details when it comes down to restoring a vintage Triumph, BSA or Norton motorcycle

Although there are different levels of restorations, there is one factor that all restorations have in common.... the use of decals! 

All decals that are used on a resto or an original motorcycle need to be "correct" and in their proper location


Decals for your restoration


Using high quality and correct decals on a restoration or refurbishment is critical to preserving such a classic and iconic machine

Today Classic British Spares is excited to announce our restoration decal expansion and collection now listed on our website

We have been working tirelessly in obtaining the best quality and accurate decals for your vintage British machine



Restoration Decal Assortment


Our decals that you will find across our site are mostly imported from England, Canada and some are actually made right here in the USA

This allows a tight quality control and ease of stock replenishment

We have a large growing range of decals to suit many traditional Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles

We are adding decals to the site and updating our listings monthly with new styles




 Norton Decals


Most of the restoration decals we offer are better known as "transfers"

Many decals are printed on 3M high-grade transfer paper

Transfers are similar to a “peel and stick” sticker or decal but are made to a much higher quality with greater detail and color

Not to confuse, we do not sell any waterslide or varnish transfers on the site - only decals in the way of “transfers”

Transfers are easier to apply and can be clear coated over offering a longer lasting finish


Decals for purchase

3M Paper For BSA Decals

Ready to restore your motorcycle back to showroom condition?

Below are some links that showcases our entire decal product line

Decals start at only $4.95



Triumph Decals Click Here
BSA Decals Click Here
Norton Decals Click Here
All Decals Click Here



All decals across the Classic British Spares website ships fast and free within the lower 48!


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  • gerard hoppe

    glad to see better availability of transfers. What would be really helpful is a ) transfer kits including all needed transfers for specific make/model b)tech blog showing proper location for all transfers.

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