New BSA Front & Rear Chrome Fenders

New BSA Front & Rear Chrome Fenders

As the years pass by “ordinary” parts that where known to be readily available will start to become scarce and hard to find

Like most vintage BSA motorcycles, gas tanks, fenders, and side covers will get harder and harder to find in good usable shape at an affordable cost

Over the past 40+  years motorcycles get neglected and also loved by different owners while some endure accidents, falls, scraps, dents and changes which all contribute to why parts are getting more scarce

As some parts get harder to obtain, there is always the option to have parts manufactured to fill a void and demand


Supply and demand


BSA Goldstar

Most BSA motorcycle owners understand that today’s market is driven by popularity which happens to be vintage triumph motorcycles

You can find vintage Triumph parts everywhere online or at a local swap meet, but BSA parts.. that’s another story!

Classic Triumph motorcycles where more popular back then and even more popular today when compared to BSA

There is a lot of opportunity to offer more parts for BSA motorcycles but unfortunately the market for BSA parts is not as strong as it should be

When this happens, it makes manufacturing and producing new parts much more difficult because of the high risks involved


You asked - we delivered

Along with Triumph stainless steel fenders, BSA front and rear fenders are at the top of my list

We where prompted a couple times a month from our customers about how BSA fenders where getting harder to find in good shape.. not to consider the price of chrome these days..

However, we have reviewed this personal request over the past year or so in regards to BSA front and rear fenders

With myself a BSA owner and enthusiast I decided to look into the request and found that there was indeed a void when it came down to fenders for most BSA models..

Calls, emails, texts, from time to time motivated us to finally to go ahead and pull the trigger on manufacturing new BSA fenders


The selection


Alright, so there are a few types of fenders that we now offer for late model BSA singles and twins

Let’s go over our current stock and each fender to give you a better understanding an overview

B44 front and rear fenders

BSA B44 Fenders

Our selection of front and rear fenders are designed to fit late model BSA B44 Victor Enduro and Victor Scrambler machines. We have also used both front and rear fenders on 1964-1965 BSA B40 “Enduro” star modes that had the "C15C" type frames..

*note BSA B44 front and rear fenders do not come pre-drilled 



 Application Fitment Part # Finish Drilled
BSA B44 (VS & E Models) 1966-70 Front 41-6533 Chrome
BSA B44 (VS & E Models) 1966-70 Rear 40-6815 Chrome


Click here to purchase your own BSA B44 fenders


A50 and A65 front and rear fenders

Our selection of front and rear fenders for BSA A50 / A65 models are designed to fit late models from 1966-1970.. The "6-tab" front fender however can be fitted to many pre-unit singles and twin cylinder models with swing-arms

*note BSA A50 & A65 rear fenders do not come pre-drilled 


 Application Fitment Part # Finish Drilled
BSA A50 / A65 Models 1966-70 Front (6-Tab) 68-6536 Chrome
BSA A50 / A65 Models 1967-70 Rear 68-6586 Chrome

Click here to purchase your own BSA A50 and A65 fenders Drilling fenders (not as hard as you think)

Drilling fenders

For those that have never drilled a set of fenders, it's actually easier than you might think..

To be clear, I am not a "fab" (fabrication) type of person, I like to leave that line of work to the experts, however, I do know that with patience and the proper tools you can fit a fender with excellent resets 

Stepped Drill Bits

When drilling fender holes I like to use a "stepped" drill bit

Stepped drill bits will allow one to properly drill a hole in "steps" while using the "tapered" drill bit to act as a pilot to offer a straight and round hole 

In makes the job much easier and cleaner...

You can find a cheap "stepped" drill bit set from your local Harbor Freight for under $15

Should you use a "stepped" drill bit (properly) and carefully, you will not chip the chrome.. yes, it can be done!


Thanks for reading


Thanks for taking the time today to read our new post

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  • jim

    my 1968 BSA spitfire special 650 has the front fender bobbed can I get a front fender with the supports that went to the fender ?

  • Arthur

    Top of my current wish list is a chrome front fender for the late 60’s BSA Firebird – the one that’s identical to the front fender on the 1969 A75.


    need a stainless rear fender for a 1970 lightning frame if you have one ….lipped . ’Originality ’unimportant …..

  • Arthur

    One BSA fender that is very difficult to find is the early B40/C15 valanced rear fender. Front fenders are a dime a dozen, however.

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