The Future of Norton Commando Parts

The Future of Norton Commando Parts

Over the past month or so we have been made aware that a few Norton parts suppliers here in the US are closing / retiring from the parts business 

Today I wanted to address a few questions and make a statement in regards to Norton Commando parts.. 

Recently we have been getting numerous emails asking if we plan on expanding our Norton Commando parts range  

Short answer is yes, we do plan on expanding our Norton parts inventory to fill the current void, specifically Norton commando parts 

We currently carry a good range of Commando parts including brands such as Andover Norton and many of our independent English suppliers 

Right off the bat, Kyle and Malcolm specialize in Triumph & BSA motorcycles, therefore our knowledge when it comes down to Norton's is limited, however, that will not stop our team from learning and growing with the brand 

Please keep in mind we are NOT Norton “experts”, nor do we pose to be 

As far as listings, we currently stock all Norton parts on the site under dedicated categories and original Norton part numbers for an easy parts search 

New parts will be posted on the website weekly, please check back with the site periodically for current updates..

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