Product Review: Triumph 650 Twins Primary Cover 1963-1967 57-1727

New Triumph 650 Twins Primary Cover 1963-1967


Over the years as Triumph parts start to get picked out, some valuable "must have" items will get harder and harder to find, especially in good or usable shape. One part in specific happens to be the primary cover on Triumph 650 unit twins from 1963-1967. Primary covers, timing cover, fenders, tanks and many other features happen to be the key visual parts that make your motorcycle stand out. With the primary cover, most where damaged and cracked from falling or from a primary chain that has failed. Not to mention some suffered from warping causing unwanted leaks. Sure you can weld your primary cover to fix the break or crack. But, not everyone has access, time or the money to have that fixed. So if you happen to be in that situation, then this new primary cover that we stock may be your best route to take.


Primary cover comes included with the inspection plug. Accepts a 1/4" X 20 TPI drain plug bolt.


With the new primary covers being produced today, used & NOS primary covers have really dropped in value due to the fact that a new cover is a smarter choice. The new cover we stock is correct for Triumph 650 unit twins from 1963-1967. This cover does not have the rotor inspection hole which is correct for the years as stated above. Can you guess what country this cover is made in? Taiwan! And... we are not ashamed to say that... This primary cover is better quality and has a better finish then the original primary covers in my honest opinion. Made on 2015 tolling from a high pressure die cast. Inspection cover slotted screw is also included. Comes with a very nice brushed alloy finish but with a quick buff and some elbow grease, you can easily have a showroom mirror finish.  



 Produced on new 2015 tolling. A high pressure die cast. 


So weather you own a Triumph 6T, T120R Bonneville or Tiger TR6R, this primary cover is an excellent choice if you are need of a replacement. Also, for those who own Triumph 650s from 1968-1972 and prefer this style primary cover... this cover will replace the later types and is fully interchangeable, just keep in mind that this cover does not have the rotor inspection hole unlike the later versions. Purchase your new Triumph 57-1727 primary cover today. Don't forget that we stock many parts for your Triumph clutch or transmission from primary covers, gaskets, clutch plates and more. -C.B.S. 

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  • Ken Jenkins

    Its good to see that someone has started to make quality parts for the Triumphs (primary covers) we love I just wish they would start to make primary covers for the pre-unit 650 alternator model they like hens teeth to get a good one thanks for your posts and information you give out I have found them very valuable Ken.

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