The Amal Premier Alternative (Wassell Evolution)

The Amal Premier Alternative (Wassell Evolution)

Last year I'm sure all of you remember the news that broke out about the Amal factory delaying there Amal carb (Premier) range.

There where a couple theory's floating around stating that Amal had lost there tooling which initially caused the little over a year delay.

None the less, a few months ago we did receive some Amal Premier carbs. Since then we have pretty much sold out on all our Amal carburetors. This includes all Amal carbs and the iconic Amal 930 Premier.

Upon calling my local suppliers to replenish what I have sold to my surprise I was told that the Amal Premier carburetors we're out of stock. Again.. (Also not to mention the price hike).

Long story short I have come to the conclusion that Amal carburetors may just be harder to obtain from now on. I do not know the full details of exactly what's going on at the Amal factory but I could only assume that Amal is experiencing delays, cannot keep up with production or they are simply not importing to the states?


When will we get more Amal 930 premiers in-stock?

Amal Premier Carbs W/ Box
At this time I have no ETA of when we will get more Amal Premier carburetors back in-stock. What we're experiencing today is exactly what we experienced a year-and-a-half ago.

So you be the judge

Its a real disappointment because Amal carbs are a wonderful upgrade to any vintage British motorcycle.

I hope things can be sorted out.

The "Amal Alternative" - Wassell Evolution


Wassell Evolution Carburetors - Amal Alternative

Let's say that the Amal Premier carburetor will no longer be available or is difficult to obtain so what could substitute the Amal Premier carb?

The Wassell Evolution carburetor is a perfect replacement for Amal Premier carburetor. In fact, the Wassell Evolution is almost 95% exactly the same as the Amal Premier except for a few minor differences.

The Wassell Evolution carburetor features the same components as the Amal Premier carburetor such as the stay-up type float, viton-tip needle, and all jets are interchangeable.

Need more info?


So there you have it..

Wassell Evolution carbs are perfect for your vintage Triumph, BSA or Norton motorcycle should you be in the market for replacement carburetor.  

Interested in a set of Wassell Evolution's but need more info before you decide to make a purchase?

Not a problem!


Click here to read our full detailed blog post I wrote a while back on Wassell Evolution carburetors.

Purchase your set today

 Wassell Evolution Carb Side Image


If you're ready to purchase your Amal carb alternative we have many sizes to choose from. 

Most carbs will replace any Amal carb that came fitted with Amal Concentrics or Amal Monoblocs

Thanks for reading

If you have any questions regarding Amal carburetors or Wassell Evolution carbs please feel free to send us an email to or drop us a comment in the section below.


Ride safe!


  • William Troup-Mothersole

    What is the concentric or wassel replacement for a amal 376/273 for my 1965 triumph T100SR?

  • Marcelo

    What kind or carburettor model do you recomend to replace an Amal 1’’ type 76 for a 1950 Norton model 7?

  • Dave

    I have a 1972 ossa pioneer with an Amal carb. What kind of info do you need to see if you have a replacement for it?

  • Ron Bevard

    Do you have on hand ready to ship 30 mm Wessel Carburetors.

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