New Product: Inner Tube Valve Stem Nuts

New Product: Inner Tube Valve Stem Nuts

Earlier this year I attended a few classic British motorcycle shows here in Socal that had a large array of classic Triumphs, BSAs and Norton's dating from the 1950's through the 1970's

Some shows I attended where judged based on originality, restoration while some of the others shows where not 

Snooping around I noticed a very fine detail that was missing on almost all the "restored" or "original" bikes present at the show 

Not even the judges noticed as they announced the winners and handed out trophies to the best "restored" motorcycle 

Now don't get me wrong here, this was not a Pebble Beach show or concourse show by any means, but a show is a show when a judge is involved.. 

So what could this detail be?

As crazy as it sounds, this "one detail" that was overlooked was the inner tube valve stem nuts 

Yes, the small little nut that threads onto your inner tube valve stem

This little detail might be obvious to some but overlooked by many, and hey, I'm also guilty of that 


Then & Now  


Then (1940's-1960's)

Schrader Valve Stem Nut

In order to understand what we are showcasing, presenting and offering to you today, we will have to cover a short history lesson 

Tubes back in the day during the British bike golden era where made by many brands such as Dunlop, John Bull, Bridgestone, etc; some still around today

When you purchased an inner tube, it came with a small and unique style nut to lock your valve stem in place 

This nut is usually cadmium plated that featured either a cross-hatch knurl pattern or vertical straight knurls depending on the brand of tube 

It allowed an easy way to tighten the screw without tools and it looked "classy" 


Now (1970's - 2000's+)

Modern Valve Stem Nut

Should you purchase a new inner tube today, you will find that valve stem nuts are still present, however the nut is not the same 

The nuts supplied today are generic hex style nuts that will make your resto look "cheesy" 

Although both original style and modern hex style nuts look different, they are interchangeable on any Schrader valve stem measuring .309" (same thread, diameter etc) 


What we are offering 

Now that you are up to speed on the different style of inner tube (Schrader valve) nuts, we would like to present to you our newly manufactured Inner Tube Valve Stem Nuts

Here at Classic British Spares, Inc we took the liberty to have these classic style inner tube nuts manufactured to offer your motorcycle the correct original "look"

Each inner valve stem nut was designed and replicated from original Dunlop & John Bull nuts 

Made here in the USA, we also take pride that each nut is cadmium plated to ensure it will match and be "correct" as per factory standards


Purchase your pair today

Dunlop & John Bull Inner Tube

Interested in keeping your motorcycle original? or how about winning trophies at the next concourse show?

You can purchase your inner tube valve nuts today by clicking on the link below

All nuts are sold in a pair at an affordable price suited for Schrader valve inner tubes..


 Part Type Link
Inner tube valve stem nuts (Straight Knurl) Click here 
Inner tube valve stem nuts (Cross-Hatch Knurl) Click here 

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  • Velusamy Narayanasamy

    What is the purpose of two hex nuts and a washer, how to fix one washer and one hex nut inside rim and one hex nut outside or what ??

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