New Product: Lucas Tail Light Lenses & Assembly's

New Product: Lucas Tail Light Lenses & Assembly's

Over the past few years I have noticed the price for original (NOS) Lucas tail light lenses and tail light assembly's on eBay shoot through the roof 

At one point I saw a NOS L679 tail light assembly listed (with box) sell for over $350...

Those that have any NOS Lucas parts for sale know they fetch good money
Today we would like to announce that we have just received a large batch of new Lucas tail light lenses & tail light assembly's that are now listed on the site for sale 

To be clear, our new Lucas lenses and tail light units are from Lucas of England; these are not "knock-off's", "EMGO", or "LAP" brand parts 

Not only are all of our Lucas tail light lenses and units are affordable (and won't be selling for $350) they are also "correct"

Complete tail light units & lenses 

Each complete Lucas taillight unit comes with the proper chrome fastening screws, bullet connectors, lens color, lens markings, and bulb 
Each lens comes with the proper lens color, lens markings, and reflector

Our stock

If you're restoring your British motorcycle, or trying to retain its originality choosing a Genuine Lucas tail light lens or unit is a must  

To see our complete range of Lucas tail light assembly's and tail light lenses, please click on the box below 

 Lucas Complete Taillight Units & Lenses  Click Here


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