Why Enthusiasts Choose EMGO Clutch Plates

Why Enthusiasts Choose EMGO Clutch Plates

There are many choices of clutch plates on the market today that all appear to get the job done, however here at CBS we do have a favorite brand that we turn to when a clutch rebuild is in order 

EMGO clutch plates have been proven to be reliable and consistent year in and year out offering excellent results and power transfer to your rear wheel 

I have personally found that EMGO clutch plates run true, consistent, and are manufactured with the proper friction materials to keep your clutch from slipping (when set-up properly) 

Since original clutch plates that where fitted to Triumph and BSA motorcycles back in the 1960's through the 1980's are now gone, EMGO has stepped there game up to offer quality plates that exceed original specifications 

Whether your building a classic everyday rider or a moderate road racer, we insist on using EMGO clutch plates for the best results 


Specifications For EMGO Clutch Plates

Although EMGO clutch friction plates are slightly thicker than stock plates fitted to Triumph and BSA models, we have found this variant in thickness not be problematic

The next time you have your original Triumph or BSA workshop manual open, disregard the specifications in regards to "clutch plate thickness" as original specifications are no longer relevant.. 

Below is a break-down chart which showcases the thickness of each plate that EMGO manufactures

 Part Type Part # Measurements (Thickness)
Friction plate 57-4763 / T4763 .157"
Friction plate  57-2726 / T2726 .133"
Steel plate 57-1363 / T1363 .175"
Steel plate 57-2725 / T2725 .154"



Our inventory 

EMGO Clutch Plates We Stock

Currently we offer EMGO friction and steel clutch plates for most Triumph and BSA applications

Although EMGO does not offer clutch plates for all classic British motorcycles, they do offer a pretty good range 

Click on the links below within the chart to purchase your new EMGO clutch plates today

Please note that some part numbers (and superseded #'s) may not be displayed below..

Part Type Part # Clutch Type Link
Friction plate  57-4763 / T4763 TRI / BSA Twins 3 & 4-Spring Click Here
Friction plate 57-2726 / T2726 TRI / BSA Singles 3 & 4-Spring (Unit) Click Here
Steel plate 57-1363 / T1363 TRI / BSA Twins 3 & 4-Spring  Click Here
Steel plate 57-2725 / T2725 TRI / BSA Singles 3 & 4-Spring (Unit) Click Here


For those that are trying to shave some weight, we do offer a set of EMGO friction drive plates manufactured from aluminum, check out the chart below 

 Part Type Part # Clutch Type Link
Friction plate (alloy) 57-4763 / T4763 TRI / BSA Twins 3 & 4-Spring  Click Here


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