Triumph “Slimline” Gas Tank by EMGO

Triumph “Slimline” Gas Tank by EMGO

One of the many challenges when restoring a vintage Triumph unit 650 twin is finding a good, useable, and repairable gas tank

In this video, Kyle will unbox, review and fit a new Triumph unit 650 "Slimline" gas tank

This tank is manufacture by EMGO, in Taiwan

I personally think that this EMGO gas tank is SOLID and is perfect for an everyday rider or a restored bike - just needs prep and paint!

Fits all Triumph 650 unit twins from 1963-1970


See the link below for more info and to place an order today for a new Triumph "Slimline" gas tank


 Part Type Link
Triumph 650 Unit "Slimline" Gas Tank Click Here


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