Falsifying Customs Documents

Falsifying Customs Documents


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Over the past couple years we have processed tens of thousands of transactions that involved customers both in the USA and international country's.

Within those many transactions we have gotten the same question from most of our international customers: "will you mark my order as a gift and not merchandise?" or "can you hold the invoice so I don't have to pay high customs fees?

Short answer to both questions is NO. Let me address the answer in greater detail because there is a reason behind my policy.


Why we cannot alter the customs documents of an international shipment


Changing or altering customs documents versus what is actually in an order or box is 100% illegal and fraudulent. If an order that was placed on my website it is to be considered merchandise an invoice will always be included - no exceptions.

Sometimes we will mark orders as a "gift" only if it is practical and true.

For example, a customer bought a C.B.S. shirt for a birthday present and asked us if we could mark the order as a gift - no problem we can arrange that.

Its pretty obvious when someone really has a gift vs someone who doesn't. A large order of parts most likely is not a gift especially when the order is placed and I am told to mark the package as a  gift so one can save on customs fees.


Why is altering an orders classification illegal?


Explanation of this is common sense.

Its like being dishonest to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on your taxes but on a smaller degree.

Falsifying documents presented to your country's government is fraud, illegal and against the law - don't even try it!


What are the consequences if we alter the orders classification?


If the buyer or seller both get caught in the process you could be fined and or banned from importing or exporting.

Below are some examples of what could happen if you (and I) get caught falsifying customs documents.

1 )  A delay in the delivery of the package.

2 )  Cause the shipper to loose his right to ship internationally.

3 )  Require the shipper to pay fines.

4 )  Cause customs to seize the shipment.

5 )  Cause customs to return the package to the shipper.

6 )  Cause customs to impose a fine on the receiver (buyer) 

7 )  Cause all future package to be fully inspected, before sent on the the receiver (buyer)


At the end of the day...

In other words, we are not risking our company because your countries tax code and import duties are out rages - sorry!

Our policy has always been the same. You place the order and we ship the order out accurately in a speedy manner.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop us an comment using the section below.

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Thanks for reading.

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