What Is Your Favorite Vintage Motorcycle Brand?

What Is Your Favorite Vintage Motorcycle Brand?


With all the original British motorcycles company's long out of business, the debate is still going on over 60 years later. Which company, as a whole, produced the best handling, quality, style, and reliable motorcycle from the 1950's through the 1970's? Whats your favorite brand? Mine happens to be BSA for many reasons.. Let us know what you think by commenting below! Remember, there is no "correct" answer, just opinions and we want to hear yours.


  • Bill

    I have owned a Triumph 250 Trailblazer, Tiger 500 and a BSA Lightning with Devimead conversion. However I bought my dream bike, the LAST BSA, a Triumph Hurricane in 1983. Hardly ridden it in over 35 years. I am ashamed of that…..

  • Bob

    I’m a Norton lover. Classy smooth excellent handling Comandos are my favorites for over 40 years now. My Triumph Bonnie was a blast, I love the classy BSAs, I trust my BMWs and feel very relaxed and comfortable on my FLHTCU. My 250DT is always ready for a little adventure and is great for keeping my riding skills sharp. There are few motorcycles I dislike really. But give me a curvey Comando roller coaster ride and I know why I’m alive. Mmmmm adrenaline. )

  • Barry Fudge

    Mr C Flanagan your are a gentleman as you ride a BSA, I on the other hand am a hooligan therefore I must ride a Triumph "The Ride Of Your Life " a 1973 Triumph Trident T150V, and 3 Triumph 500’s(2 of them Bobbers)

  • Larry McDonald

    MK1A Norton.

  • stephen foster

    I just love all triumphs more so the twins I just reckon my t120R is perfect the 68/69/70 being the best myt120R goes well, handles well and is goreous. Dont get me wrong i like nortons bsa and some other makes but if i could only have one it would be Triumph

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