Official C.B.S. "Wing" Stickers

Official C.B.S. "Wing" Stickers

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This November (2017) will mark our 4-year anniversary selling vintage Triumph parts and BSA parts online. Recently we finally had some company stickers made. I use the term "finally" because they where long over due. For those who might be confused C.B.S. is short for Classic British Spares - same company. Keep reading for more information below on our new stickers.

The CBS "Wing" sticker

CBS Wing Sticker
This new sticker is called the C.B.S. "Wing" sticker. I designed this sticker in such a way that it would resemble the iconic BSA logo with the wing. Printed on a thick high grade sticker sheet with a durable top lamination - perfect for flat surfaces such as windows, mirrors, toolboxes, refrigerators, vehicles, etc. Measures approx 2" by 6 1/4".

The CBS "Wing" letter sticker

CBS Letter Sticker
This decal is known as the CBS "Wing" letter sticker. A simple and clean design. Can be used either inside or outside. Measures approx 2 1/2" by 4". Apply it to any flat surface for the best results!

"Now you can show your support..."

Now you can show your support for C.B.S. by purchasing our new official stickers - heck if you place a parts order we might throw some stickers in anyways! Grab your stickers here today. If you have any questions or want to chime in leave a comment in the section below.

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