First Ride (1956 Matchless G11)

First Ride (1956 Matchless G11)

After 38 years of ownership, Malcolm has finally finished restoring his 1956 Matchless G11

Started as a rolling chassis with essentially little parts and spares fitted

Frame is a 1956 while the motor is a 1959 650

Restoration took just over a year to complete which included the following:

  • Powder coating (Pacific Coast Powder Coating)
  • Crank grinding (Richter Machining & Marine Crankshaft)
  • Engine rebuilding (CBS)
  • Speedo / Mag / Dynamo building (Greg P)
  • Parts (AMC / Matchless Club / JRC / Etc)
  • Machine work (CBS)
  • Wheel building (Buchanan’s)
  • Custom seat (CBS)

Thanks for everyone that has helped Malcolm bring this bike back to life Enjoy!

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Ride safe!

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