Now Accepting Amazon Payments

Now Accepting Amazon Payments

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Starting on March 17 2017, the Classic British Spares website will now be accepting Amazon Payments as one of our new and trusted payment gateways. This new addition has many great features for those who currently have an Amazon account. Lets review the new features and benefits that Amazon Payments has to offer for you - the consumer.



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Amazon is one of the largest growing marketplace websites in the world. With over 36,000 transactions a minute or 600 transaction every second we found that many customers that shop at C.B.S. also have Amazon accounts. For those placing an order and have an Amazon account you can simply pay with Amazon Payments for a faster and safer checkout. Paying through Amazon Payments on the Classic British Spares website allows you to quickly place an order and also transmit your default shipping address from your Amazon account to your Classic British Spares order. This saves you time as you do not have to enter your default address every time you checkout. A very similar process for those who have a PayPal account.




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Amazon and Classic British Spares both take pride in protecting and securing our customer information. Using Amazon Payments allows you to safely checkout on Amazons fully encrypted website terminal without submitting your credit or debit card information. To be clear, when you process an order using the Amazon Payments gateway your debit or credit card information on your Amazon account will not be shared with the merchant. This method of payment keeps you the customer and I - the merchant safe.   


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Everyone loves purchasing and paying for items quickly. Amazon Payments allows you to pay and checkout at a high speed. Look for the Amazon Payments button when you are shopping on the Classic British Spares website. No more wasting time filling out order forms and credit card numbers to submit a payment. Thanks to Amazon Payments - its made quick, secure and easy.

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