2019 Holiday Contest & Giveaway

2019 Holiday Contest & Giveaway

Classic British spares wants to start this holiday season off with a big “cha-ching 

That’s right this holiday season we have some money and some swag to give out for this years annual Holiday contest and giveaway

If you sign up and win, we will send you your money or prizes... that easy!


A contest?

Ok so let’s back track a bit before we get too excited..

Our holiday contest and giveaway was constructed with our customers in mind during the holiday season

Our contest will give folks a great opportunity to win and to also have some fun before the new year comes to an end

It’s also a way for us to say thank you for your continued support



Holiday Contest Rules & Details


Drum roll please!

The moment you have all been waiting for...

There will be 10 lucky winners that each winner will get 1 of the prizes below

As we go down our winner list you will get 1 prize which will be chosen at random and will go in order from from #1 - #10


Below is the prize list


  1. $250 store credit
  2. $150 store credit
  3. $75 store credit
  4. $25 store credit
  5. Misc wag / Stickers / Etc
  6. Misc wag / Stickers / Etc
  7. Misc wag / Stickers / Etc
  8. Misc wag / Stickers / Etc
  9. Misc wag / Stickers / Etc
  10. Misc wag / Stickers / Etc


Winners #1-4 will obtain some store cash while #5-10 will get some swag from stickers, shirts, cups, pins and more!

If you win, we will email you / text you letting you know what # winner you are with all the details moving forward


How to enter

To enter in the 2019 Holiday contest and giveaway is easy and fast and takes less than 10 seconds

This contest is open to anyone and everyone including domestic and international customers

All you have to do is grab your phone right now and text the words WIN BIG to (661) 952-0351 to enter the Holiday Contest



We have 2 very simple rules that everyone must follow that enters the contest

  • You must be a customer of Classic British Spares - no exceptions 
  • You must stay on our contest list the entire duration of the contest (up to December 24th, 2019)


Those that fail to meet this requirement will be disqualified from the contest


The legal stuff...

When you sign-up for text updates from Classic British Spares you are giving us permission to text you. We will NOT sell or distribute your phone number. We keep all numbers safe in an encrypted program. Classic British Spares will only text you with "updates" - we will NOT "bug" you or constantly text you. Once signed up and you choose to "opt-out" simply reply "STOP" to be removed from our texting list. Standard text messaging rates may be applied, contact your wireless provider prior to signing up. We respect your privacy and your rights


Thanks for reading


Thanks for reading today's post!

We hope that you sign-up today just in time before the contest ends


Leave us a comment in the section below or contact us here as we will reach out to you

Good luck! 


  • Classic British Spares

    @Glen – Yes, exactly

  • Glen Brackett

    Rule 1 states that you must be a customer of Classic British Spares. Does that mean that a purchase has to have been made to be eligible?

  • Classic British Spares

    Sorry, texting is the only way to enter

  • Ron de Vos

    WIN BIG, sorry I cannot text , I will try it this way.

  • Shawn Morrissey

    Me too. I don’t text.

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