Top 5 Must Have Parts For 2018

Top 5 Must Have Parts For 2018

2018 just barely started and thus far we have been receiving some awesome new parts and it would be selfish for me not to share them to you.

When it comes to parts for vintage British motorcycles there is ALOT to choose from.

Often times it’s way to confusing so we decided to compile a list for you showcasing our top 5 “must have parts” of 2018.

Without further delay, let’s start with #5 and work our way up to #1.


#5 - 97-3635 Fork Boots


97-3635 Fork Boots For Triumph


With most fork boots on the market today falling apart before you install them on your motorcycle we have decided to ditch the cheap boots and move up to something far more superior.

The 97-3635 fork gaiters we stock are not only quality but they are made here in the USA.

We had these fork boots produced using an original Triumph fork gaiter as the prototype therefore making our fork boots 100% correct.

That means the fit, size and dimensions are exactly the same as the original 97-3635 Triumph fork boots.

If you own a Triumph / BSA 650 that happens to fall in the 1969-1970 category or a Triumph 500 that was produced from 1969-1974 then you are in luck.

Besides all of those great features mentioned above CBS also puts a 10 year warranty on these fork boots making them last 100X longer than any other fork boot on the market today.

Click here for more information or to purchase the 97-3636 fork boots.


#4 - Triumph Camshaft Reamers


Camshaft Bushing Reamer For Triumph 650 / 750 Models

As Triumph 650 and 750’s start to get used more and more we start to see items that usually don’t wear often in need of replacement.

One part that comes to mind are the camshaft bushings. Although camshaft bushings are easy to install and replace the majority of the time you will need to size and ream them after you install them.

Using our Triumph camshaft reamer will allow you to properly ream and size your sintered bronze bushings in a quick and clean manner.

This tool is a must have for all Triumph engine builders alike.

We also stock camshaft bushing reamers for Triumph unit 350 / 500 models.

So the next time you install new camshaft bushings and your cams are binding or sticking perhaps you should consider this tool and have it ready in your arsenal.

Click here to purchases your Triumph 650 / 750 camshaft bushing reamer.


#3 - Top Dead Center (TDC) Tool


Top Dead Center Spark Plug Tool

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find TDC on your engine.

I have seen so many ways and methods to achieve TDC but almost all are sketchy and not accurate to say the least.

If you're the type that is sticking chopsticks, pencils, or any long and pointing household utensils inside your combustion chamber then is tool is screaming your name.

Using our brass USA made TDC tools you will be able to find TDC the proper way and safe way without risking damage to your top end.

Manufactured and CNC machined here in the USA ensures that this is a trusted tool.

Pin features machined notches and painted red grooves to allow for precise checking. Also comes with a circlip to prevent the pin from falling in the bore.

Not only can this TDC tool be used on vintage Triumph, BSA or Norton motorcycles it can be applied to literally any engine that uses a 12mm or 14mm spark plug hole.

Click here to purchase your new TDC tool.

#2 led bulbs

British Pre-Focus LED Bulb P36D / 446


The most controversial components on a vintage British motorcycle is the electrical system.

Even folks who know nothing about British motorcycles or cars always know there electronics where not the greatest or brightest (pun-intended).

Now is an opportunity to upgrade your headlight, taillight and turn signals to a modern led bulb.

Since these led bulbs are so versatile and offer many inventories it tops our list at #2

LED bulbs are the way of the future, period. Not only are they brighter led bulbs are also safer and offer less draw than halogen or incandescent bulbs.

Less draw on your charging system is always a benefit. Who wants to ride there bike around and the battery goes flat?

Click here to upgrade your incandescent bulbs to LED today.


Oil pressure gauge #1

Norton Oil Pressure Gauge


Last but certainly not least our oil pressure gauges for Triumph, BSA and Norton Commando tops this years as the “must have part”.

Here’s why

All British motorcycles never came with oil pressure gauges making the oil pressure rating really unknown to the rider.

If for some reason your oil pressure drops your engine could seize or possible blow up.

Having an oil pressure gauge installed could prevent such catastrophic failures before they happen.

Not only can you save your engine you can also monitor oil pressure to get an idea of your engines condition.

This simple kit comes with everything you need to install an oil pressure gauge on models that can accept the gauge which include most Triumph, BSA and Norton models from 1968 and on.

Click here to choose from 2 types of gauges for late model Triumph, BSA and Norton Commando models.


Thanks for reading


That just about sums it up for our 2018 top 5 must have parts.

Here at CBS we stock over 10,000 parts and these top 5 parts have made such an impact on us and also our customers that have used them.

We use all top 5 parts here on our bikes when necessary with excellent results.

If you can’t use them all just pick one best suited for your needs.

Feel free to share our list to your friends of Facebook. Twitter or email or comment in the section below to join the conversation.

Thanks for reading today, ride safe!

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