Classic Triumph & BSA Fork Boots With A 10-Year Warranty (97-3635 & 97-1645)

Classic Triumph & BSA Fork Boots With A Warranty


Fork boots shown above to fit vintage Triumph unit Twins from 1968-1974. (97-3635) USA Made


If your absolutely tired of your fork boots falling apart, cracking after every 5 months or simply not fitting correctly, then you seriously need to read this. We are now currently supplying 2 types of fork boots for your vintage Triumph motorcycle that come with a warranty... guaranteed. The 1964-1967 variation under part number 97-1645 & the 1968-1974 variation under part number 97-3635. To be clear, each variation of fork boots comes with guarantee to last 10 years. So why would anyone install those cheap $19.95 fork boots that will literally last you at least 5 months? Well, to be honest, some suppliers will only sell you the "cheap" fork boots because they can make more money in the long run. Well, not at C.B.S.. We believe that you should have the best quality parts so you can do the job right the first time. Pulling your forks off to change your fork boots is now a thing in the past...for at least 10 years which is far better then 5 months. Wouldn't you agree?



Shown above is the 1964-1967 type fork boots for the Triumph unit twins (97-1645). Made in Japan.


As stated above, currently there are only 2 types of fork boots with the warranty, but coming soon there should be more types to suit Triumph & BSA singles and other twins. The 97-3635 fork boot is made here in the USA. An original fork boot was used to reproduce the mold. It is an exact reproduction. The 97-1645 fork boot is made in Japan. Although it does look slightly different from the original types, the fit is perfect. Please keep in mind that the warranty offered with these fork boots do not include "human errors". What does that mean? If you happen to damage it due to your mistake by installing or removing, we will not cover it. Purchase your Late 97-3635 Fork Boots and Early 97-1645 For Boots today. 

Installation Tips

The 97-3635 fork boot fits Triumph twins from 1968-1970 and also fits BSA twins from 1969-1970. Although the fork boots are the same for both brands and models, they happen to fit in opposite directions. Below we will get into greater detail so you will have the best results.


97-3635 Fork Boot Install On 1969 BSA A65 Lightning


Pictured above is how the 97-3635 fork boot should be installed on BSA twins and triples from 1969-1970. Notice that the bottom red arrow points to the longest "shoulder" of the boot. The longest "shoulder" should be installed touching the fork seal holder. The fork boot its self has an internal groove, the fork seal holder has a "lip" which prevents the fork boot from "popping off". This is exactly how the originals where installed. Nothing different.


Triumph Fork Boot Installation Image 97-3635


Pictured above is how the 97-3635 fork boots should be installed on Triumph twins and triples, which include the Daytona, Bonneville, Trident, as well as other models from 1968-1970. The red arrow points to the longest "shoulder". The shoulder should be installed facing upward. Exactly the opposite of how the BSA types are installed. Triumph used abutment rings on the top forks that had a groove on the outside, which is what keeps the fork boots attached without using any type of clamps





Below you will find the complete specifications for each fork boots. Always refer back to your parts catalog to ensure that the fork boots are correct for your application.




Part Type                                      Fork Boots

Triumph Part #                           97-3635 or H3635

BSA Part #                                 97-3635 or H3635

Country Of Origin                               USA

Material                                            Rubber

Rib Count                                             11



Part Type                                      Fork Boots

Triumph Part #                         97-1645 or H1645

BSA Part #                                        N/A

Country Of Origin                              Japan   

Material                                            Rubber

Rib Count                                             15

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  • Wayne Miller

    I just purchased a set of the 97-1645 boots and have a question about the installation of those since they are different from the originals. Which way is up?

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