Tech Tip: Amal Concentric "Extended" Tickler Conversion

Tech Tip: Amal Concentric "Extended" Tickler Conversion

If you own an original Amal Concentric carburetor then you will know how annoying it is trying to press down on the small tickler plunger

Not only that, once you press the plunger gas shoots out and gets all over your finger...

Not cool!

Today I will be showing you how to install the new genuine Amal extended tickler lever assembly 

It is a very easy conversion that takes no more than 5 minutes and requires only a basic set of skills and tools 

The steps listed below worked for me, should you have a different approach, please feel free to use your own method..

Lets dive in..

Removing the original tickler (3 steps)

Step #1

Amal Carb, Mallet & Vice-Grips

The original plunger is pressed on the end of the split-pin which may cause the plunger to be difficult remove 

Removing the original tickler will require a good set of vice-grips and a soft mallet

Since we are using vice-grips, the original tickler plunger will be thrown away after as the clamping forces from the clamp will damaging the finish

Before you begin, use some duct-tape around the body to protect against damage should your mallet and vice-clamp slip..

 Step #2

Striking Vice-Grip With Soft Mallet

Now that you have your supplies near and ready, the first thing to do is to clamp your vice-grip onto the top plunger assembly 

Flip the carb upside down on a soft wood surface as shown above

Use your mallet and with a positive strike on the vice-grip jaw, you should see the plunger "pop" off 

Once the plunger is removed, pull the split pin from the bottom of the carb 

You have successfully removed the old plunger assembly..

Step #3

File & Bottle Brush Cleaner

Prior to installing the new extended plunger, I recommend that you debur and clean the inside bore

Use a fine rat-tail file and a bottle brush cleaner to remove any high-sports or debris 


Installing the Amal extended tickler (5 steps)

Step #1

Amal 622/172 Kit

Installing the new Amal extended plunger will be done in the following 5 steps below 

First lets get out (and open) our new Amal 622/172 extended tickler kit 

You should have 4 parts within the kit 


  • Spring
  • Split-pin
  • Body (with hole)
  • Extended plunger 


If for some reason (and it happens) that your Amal 622/172 kit does not have a small hole drilled on the body (see photo above) - please disregard it 

Early Amal carbs have a hole on the side body while others don't..

This will not effect the function of the tickler

Step #2


Not Correct - Correct


Should your Amal Concentric carburetor have a small bleed hole as shown above, it is vital that you install the body into the carb in the proper direction 

Make sure the hole on the body is in the proper location and lines up with the existing bleed hole on the carb

If your carb does not have a bleed hole as explained further above, please dis-regard the orientation 

Use your soft mallet to tap the body into the carb until the body is fully seated 

If your carb does not have a bleed hole, install the body piece in any direction 

Step #3

Pin and spring installed

Once the body piece is installed its time to finish up the conversion 

Take the split pin and insert the pin from under the carb 

You will find that the flare on the end of the pin will prevent the pin from pulling through the carb 

Once the pin is in place, insert your spring over the pin and your extended plunger 

Step #4

 Installing Plunger In Vice

Now that your plunger is sitting on the top portion of the split-pin, its now time to press the extended plunger on the split-pin 

Mount the carb in a vice at a angle as shown above 

We are using soft aluminium jaws to prevent any damage to the bowl gasket surface...

Make sure that your vice-jaws are on the split-pin and NOT the gasket surface 

Start to draw-in or tighten the vice until the plunger bottoms out

It is important to keep the plunger "square" on the pin to allow the pin to insert the plunger straight and not at an angle..

Step #5

Amal Extended Tickler Conversion Installed

Now that your plunger is installed, check to make sure that the plunger will compress and rebound smoothly without any binding or other issues 

You can also test the tickler out by installing the float and bowl together (as an assembly) with the proper gasket in place 

Flip the carb upside down and listen for the sound or feel of the plunger engaging the float 

Need an Amal extended tickler conversion? 

Should you have an original Amal Concentric carb with the older style tickler, now you can upgrade your carb to the new, extended type 

Click here to purchase your complete 622/172 extended tickler kit today

The 622/172 tickler fits all of the following carbs and sizes shown below 

Fitment chart

 Carb Type Bore Size
928 28MM
930 30MM
932 32MM
624 24MM
626 26MM
627 27MM


Thanks for reading today

Thank you for reading today's blog post

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Ride safe!

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