The Importance Of Having A Part Number

The Importance Of Having A Part Number

Have you ever called your local British motorcycle parts supplier and told them that you need a part for your vintage British motorcycle and the first words they ask you is "do you have a part number?"

Now I'm sure when the parts guy asks you that most of you will probably say "yes, I do have part number".

However, many folks do not have a part number and will try to describe the part as an alternative.

That usually sounds something like this; "it kinda looks like this" or "ya - the bolt is threaded that's all I know".


What a way to order parts...


There is a legitimate reason why the parts counter guy will typically ask there customers for a part number and it's not to annoy you...

Instead of getting sent / ordering the wrong parts wouldn't you want to get the correct parts the first time? That starts with a part number.

In today's blog post I will explain to you the importance of having part numbers and what it actually means to dealers as well as the customer when ordering parts for your Triumph or BSA motorcycle whether online or in person.


Reasons why you need a part #


Let's go over the reasons why builders and restores should use part numbers every time when placing an order.


#1 Part numbers are identifications


Just like a Social Security number or how a thumb print holds all the information about a single individual, part numbers work the same way.

A part number will tell you everything the dealer needs to know about that specific part including the following:


  • Brand
  • Part type
  • Fit type
  • Material
  • Specs


#2 Part numbers ensure the order will be correct.


Not only is a part number used for verification it also makes sure that the order is correct whether ordering online or over the phone.


#3 Having part numbers handy informs the parts clerk you did your homework


Let's face it vintage British motorcycles are long gone and it takes much effort to make sure everything is correct on both sides.

It's not like a modern motorcycle where you can go to any local shop and pull out a catalog and have your parts ordered and installed the next day. Our industry is more complicated than that.

Having part numbers handy when ordering makes the process quick and easy.

Consequences when you don't have part numbers


Now that you understand why you need a part number let's go over the main problem when you don't have a part number.

Ordering parts without a part number poses the risk of your order containing the improper or wrong items for your application.

Going solely off a description is setting yourself up for disaster as that can lead to miscommunication.

Without a part number parts that will be sent could be incorrect because of the lack of information when the order was placed and not to mention the longer wait while the parts guy has to find numbers.

A majority of the time while the parts guy is finding a part number many times it turns out not to be the one that you are looking for..


So how do you get part numbers?


Triumph Parts Diagram

1970 Triumph Bonneville parts book diagram


Getting a part number is easier then you might think. Originally Triumph, BSA, Norton and other famous marks offered parts books which gave you a complete diagram which shows you all he motorcycle components along with a part number for ordering and reference.

You may find that many are selling parts books here online for about $20 but we are actually offering them here on our site 100% free. Click here to obtain your free parts book.


 The next time you order

The next time you place an order whether it's with C.B.S. or perhaps another vendor, always have your part numbers ready. It makes ordering faster and easier while you get the correct parts.

Makes sense right?

You would be surprised how smooth and quick the process is and most importantly you will get the correct parts.

So the next time you give us a call (661) 951-2120 or email us (Sales@classicbritishspares) don't be surprised when we ask you "do you have a part number"?

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  • Classic British Spares

    @Andrew – Exactly! If your going to work on a machine you have to know these things :P

  • Andrew Wakeman

    I couldnt agree more books are essential for old bike owners if you want to keep riding . Sooner or later something will need replacing or just fall off from vibration and you will need to know which part EXACTLY you need ,if you have ALL the parts you need and what ORDER they are assembled in .

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