Why We Are Your #1 Shop For BSA A65 Parts

Why We Are Your #1 Shop For BSA A65 Parts

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Owning a BSA A65 motorcycle is not just a cool iconic vintage British motorcycle but it is also an investment. With the BSA motorcycle company defunct since 1973, BSA motorcycles have become a collectors dream. The value of BSA motorcycles have been steady on the rise and prices don't seem to be going down anytime soon.

The BSA A65 was produced by the Birmingham Small Arms company from 1962-1972 to replace the BSA A10 motorcycle. The BSA A65 was the first "unit construction" twin that was produced by the BSA motorcycle company - before Triumph launched there new "unit" 650 twin in 1963.

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If you have a BSA A65 motorcycle and you are looking to restore it, rebuild it, or simply keep it on the road then you must check out our full range of BSA A65 parts. Not all parts suppliers are created equal which is why we are known to be your #1 shop for BSA A65 parts. We carry the finest quality of BSA A65 parts that will keep your BSA A65 looking original and running in tip-top shape. We stock parts from grab rails, fenders, seats, fork components, bearings, headlights and everything else in between.

Best Prices

Best Prices

Here at Classic British Spares we have a very "soft spot" for BSA A65 motorcycles. Our full selection of BSA A65 parts, tech, and information here on our site will easily reflect that. All BSA A65 parts are priced with you the customer and builder in mind. We understand that parts can be expensive which is why we offer everyday low-prices on all of our BSA A65 parts.


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Now is the perfect time to pull out your old BSA - dust it off and get it back on the road again. You can place an order online today or you can give us a call at (661) 951-2120. Send emails to sales@classicbritishspares.com Remember all orders placed in the USA will qualify for fast and free shipping when the value exceeds $75. I look forward to helping you and seeing you back on the road! 

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