Product Review: ARP Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge 100-9942

Product Review: ARP Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge 100-9942

ARP Billet Alloy Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge Review


ARP Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge

New rod bolt stretch gauge by ARP automotive products.



Have you ever bought a set of ARP rod bolts and noticed on the instructions that it states to stretch the ARP rod bolts to a certain measurement using the ARP rod bolt stretch gauge? We noticed that as well, which is exactly why we purchased this ARP rod bolt stretch gauge to use here at my shop, and we also wanted to give you an up close review on the stretch gauge it's self. ARP (Automotive Racing Products) is one of the leading names when it comes to high quality aftermarket engine parts for the automotive industry. ARP is well known for there high quality rod bolts, but they also produce an array of other automotive products. ARP even stocks motorcycle components and tools.

Image Of ARP Rod Bolt Gauge

ARP rod bolt stretch gauge inside it's own plastic carrying case.


Many folks are not aware that rod bolts have a certain stretch or pre-load. To accomplish the correct stretch, you will need this ARP tool to correctly inform and display to you exactly how much your rod bolts have stretched after you have torqued them. Failing to check a rod bolts stretch could cause engine failure. One of the key reasons why ARP was founded was to tackle failing rod bolts. With this tool, you can put your mind at ease.



Side Image Of ARP Tool

ARP tool has an adjustable dial indicator and bottom locating dowl to fit many lengths of rod bolts. Allen key is not included for the adjustment. 


The ARP rod bolt stretch gauge model 100-9942 is made of billet alloy. The build quality, design, and feel, really makes this tool stand out from the other versions and brands on the market. The dial gauge it's self is very clear and easy to ready. It has a face diameter of about 2 1/4" that is adjustable. Yes, this ARP rod bolt stretch gauge is adjustable. There is an allen key for the dial adjustment and also an allen key for the bottom adjustment. Some websites (even the site I purchased this from) lacked the extra details, and the fact that it is adjustable was one of them.



Image Of ARP Stretch Gauge With Plastic Case

Stretch bolt gauge comes with a nice case for storage protection.


Gauge comes with a nice plastic carrying case, not over the top, but basic. I'm not sure if there was suppose to be instructions included, mine lacked any type of instructions. Instructions should have been included in my opinion. The gauge has a very stiff indicator spring which is a very nice addition. It keeps pressure on the rod bolts when you need it the most. Oh yea, you don't have to use this tool specifically with ARP rod bolts, it just works "best" when used together due to the design of ARP rod bolts. With this tool being universal, it can also be used on motorcycles, automobiles, and anything else that uses rod bolts. Weather your an engine builder or a backyard mechanic, Classic British Spares recommends this tool. I'm happy with it, you will be to. I have nothing bad to say about this ARP rod bolt stretch gauge tool. You can find yours on the internet. Rating 5 Stars




 Below are the ARP rod bolts stretch gauge tool specifications for the model 100-9942. Increments are in .0005" making this tool extremely precise. Always store yours tools in a proper and safe location.  


Brand: ARP (Automotive Racing Products)

Model: 100-9942

Material: Billet Alloy

Color / Finish: Black Anodized

Case Included: Yes

Case Material: Plastic

Dial Indicator Increments: 0.0005"

Dial Indicator Included: Yes


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