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Pacto Vintage Motorcycle Racing Helmets

Pacto Helmets


Vintage Pacto Helmet Display Stand

Pacto "Carrera Club" helmet model.  100% hand made in Costa Rica. 


 Have you ever seen this style of helmet before? Do you know where it originates from and would you know what era its from? Chances are that most motorcycle enthusiasts may not be familiar this helmet, but this style of helmet does have a lot of history, especially in England.



 Helmet And Shoe Display By Pacto Helmets


Pacto Helmets also produces helmet bags, shirts, and vintage style driving boots.



Here in America when we think of retro motorcycle helmet's we think of Bell Helmets and other brands that have a 3/4 style shell. In England, they had brands such as Stadium, Everoak, & Kangol. Keep in mind where talking about the 1950's-1970's era.



"100% handmade in Costa Rica..."


This helmet pictured above is made in Costa Rica by Pacto Helmets. Its 100% handmade exactly how the original British motorcycle helmets where made. This one in particular is a replica of the Everoak Helmet. Original British motorcycle helmets are very rare and some even fetch big money on eBay depending o the brand, era, color, condition & model.




I've always been a big fan of vintage British motorcycle helmets. The design, shape, and fit are very unique in there own way. I find them much more comfortable and attractive than the basic modern 3/4 helmets you can find at your local motorcycle shop. If your looking to really recreate that "vintage style" on your motorcycle or even scooter, then you really need to check out our full lineup of classic racing helmets and clothing by Pacto Helmets. We are an authorized U.S. dealer.


  • HG

    I always ride my 67 Bonneville with an old style open face with plastic peak (only way to shield direct sun) and a pair of well known split lens goggles. Is this as functional or comfortable as a modern full face? No way but that’s how I rode my Triumph in the early 70’s. Full face were only just appearing and were very expensive. A modern full face on an old Triumph just looks so wrong!!

  • Gary

    Hi, the helmet shown here is a copy of a stadium helmet not an everoak. have you heard the old saying if you had a $5 head put a $5 helmet on it, well that was a stadium helmet they were talking about. An Everoak was a completely different animal, in the 60s I had a 20 UK pound head so I paid the extra for an everoak, they were all lined in soft leather and the quality was fantastic for the day. I just wish I could get a new one today. Ex 60s ton up boy

  • Classic British Spares

    @Al Francis Kangol helmets are very hard to find, I see more vintage Stadium helmets come up over Kangol helmets. Hold on to it, it makes a good conversational piece. :)

  • Al Francis

    Hi I have a white kangol fullface
    Helmet that I wore back 30 years ago and its not bad but the lining has seen better days but if it was ok I would be using it now far better than anything now will never sell it .

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