New To The Market: Desert Sled Seats

New To The Market: Desert Sled Seats

British motorcycles come in trends and different styles no different from fashion clothing

Choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, scramblers and desert sleds 

Today we would like to showcase the all new short desert sled seats geared toward desert-sleds and racers alike 

This 1960's style seat was inspired by the original Bates seats as found in the late 1950's throughout the 60's

New for 2020 this all American made seat is authentic, accurate, durable and affordable   


Authentic, Accurate & Affordable 

Desert Sled Seat On Triumph Unit 650


Our new desert sled seats are "universal" and can be fitted to just about any bike with some tools, fabrication and a vision

If you own a Triumph 650 unit from 1963-1970 and/or a Triumph 500 unit from 1958-1974 you are in luck as this seat comes with hinges installed (and rubber bumpers) making this a direct bolt-on fit (as pictured above) 

A steel powder-coated pan, vinyl seat cover, and support base make this a perfect addition for your desert-sled 

Yes you could spend $600-800 on an original Bates seat but finding one in good usable shape are getting thin on the ground 

This new American made desert-sled seat is only $449.95 with free shipping in the lower 48


Desert Sled Seat - Universal


Interested in making your old Triumph look like an old desert racer?

Click here to pick up your very own (and limited) desert sled seat

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  • Allan Gillan

    Can I buy just the seat pan and rubbers

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