How Classic British Spares Was Founded

How Classic British Spares Was Founded

The Foundation Of C.B.S.

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Owning a vintage Triumph motorcycle, or even a BSA or Norton motorcycle has never been more affordable thanks to the '90s internet bust. There are more parts available today then there was back in the '60s and '70s when the British motorcycle empire was at its highest peak. Finding a vintage parts source is easy, but finding a quality, reliable, trustworthy, and a honest company to do business with is very difficult and is getting harder and harder to find. Here's why...

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There are many so called "dealers" that specialize in vintage British motorcycle parts all over the United States and in fact the world, but the problem is that some are not "legitimate". This factor is crucial. Let me be clear, I'm not stating that all dealers are not legitimate. I'm referring to the "company's" that operate out of a college dorm room, a basement, or there dad's wine cellar that do not even own a website domain. In reality, Classic British Spares does not have a store front, we only operate online, so what makes us different from the rest? 


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Our drive, motivation, passion, skills, and excellence makes us completely different from our competitors. Our lives revolve around vintage Triumph, BSA, and Norton motorcycles and that allows us to bring a different challenge to the game. Although we do not own a storefront, I can assure you that when you do business with my company, you will quickly realize that we are on par with some of the top suppliers. Quality customer service is #1 to me, we treat all of our customers with the respect they deserve.


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Dealing with customers over the phone and via email I sometimes hear all the stories and gossip that goes on with our competitors. Most is good feedback which is nice to hear, and then there is some feedback which is very poor. There is one large company that comes to mind.... This company would back-order about half a customers order because they didn't have the product in-stock or it simply didn't exist to begin with. This company would keep your money until the "back-order" would arrive, could be month's, or never. (Anyone know who I'm referring to?) How about when you call your supplier, do they answer your phone call? Do they call you back when you leave a voicemail? Do they follow-up with you via email? If you have experienced this, your not alone. In fact, before I started Classic British Spares, I use to buy vintage parts from everyone. I quickly saw the lack of customer service and support with many of the dealers that are now my competitors today.

 "We are doing what others seize to do..."

Classic British Spares exists today (to a certain extent) because some of our competitors lacked the quality, and service. We started back in 2013 with very little capitol. No products, website, or funds. Today, we are one of the largest retailer for vintage British motorcycle parts and our quality service and expertise speaks for its self. We are doing what the others seize to do. That is one of the core reason of why Classic British Spares was founded and why we are in business today.

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The next time you place an order, always know that you can have a better shopping experience when dealing with Classic British Spares. We enjoy working with young, new vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, and also veteran collectors. You will find that my website is very easy to navigate, read, finding parts, and placing orders. The decision is easy, Classic British Spares is here to assist you. Our motto has always been "Keeping you and your vintage British motorcycle on the road for a lifetime". We look forward to working with you.


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